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Badende Hamburg Getty Images Yahoo Aug 2011.jpg

Plastic bather in Hamburg’s lake

Reclining in the waters of Hamburg‘s Binnenalster lake is this German sculpture “Die Badende” (the bather) made from expandable polystyrene (styrofoam) and steel, according to an article on Yahoo news today. It is a giant sculpture by artist Oliver Voss showing a woman’s head and knees, as if she was lying down in the water, […]

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Eisbeinessen – pork and more pork

You can forget fixing a ship on Friday 7 November, because every chemical shipbroker in Europe will be heading for Hamburg for “Eisbeinessen“, a culinary feast of Eisbein (knuckle of pork boiled and served with sauerkraut) or Kassler (lightly smoked pork loin served with sauerkraut). Clearly there are no vegetarian shipbrokers.   After various individual brokers’ parties on […]

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