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On late night flights

Heathrow T5 at 9.40 pm is a ghost town. There are five people in the giant BA lounge, and all the food is being cleared away. I have never flown out so late before, and the whole airport is strangely empty. I am on the third-to-last flight of the night; the last one is at […]

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Heathrow pod Personal Rapid Transit System

Driving home from the airport around the Heathrow perimeter road, I caught sight of these little pods ferrying people around the Terminal 5 long-stay carparks.   As a London resident, I don’t have much call to frequent the long-stay carparks, which is a pity because these four-seater pods look like an ideal alternative to the […]

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Managing expectations British Airways style

HOUSTON (Chemicals Confidential)–How to keep a business traveller happy? First leave us guessing up until the very last minute whether our BA flights to Houston for NPRA will be cancelled on account of the strike. Then just as despair is beginning to set in, confirm the outbound flight but not the return. Wait until the […]

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BA strike fears sweep UK petchem folk

The planned British Airways strike at the end of March is galvanising UK petchem folk into booking up alternative flights to and from NPRA. With the strike set for 20-22 March and 27-30 March (inclusive), it couldn’t be worse timing for conference-goers planning to get from London Heathrow to Houston on their way to NPRA’s IPC […]

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Hi-tech Flying – Iris Recognition and Cellphone Boarding Passes

In the past week, the Blog has embraced two hi-tech advances in business travel: iris recognition, and mobile phone boarding cards.   The whole process of having my eyes scanned took just a few minutes in a small office next to security at Heathrow Terminal 5. I just looked into a screen and aligned my […]

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Petrochemical Training in Amsterdam

The trip to Amsterdam for the ICIS Training seminars is a journey of two halves. Heathrow Terminal 4 is spacious and empty after its recent refurbishment and before all the airlines move back in. The KLM flight is punctual, and the afternoon on-board snack is a cup of tea and two oatmeal biscuits – frugal, […]

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Black cab protest at Heathrow

Drivers of London’s iconic black cabs are up in arms at Heathrow’s decision to allow private hire firms to pick up passengers from the airport, according to this article.   Chemical travellers to London, at least those who still have a travel budget to play with, will be interested to hear that they will soon be able to pick […]

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No ashtray, no flight

A story in today’s Times amusingly titled “No smoke without ire,” about a flight from Heathrow delayed in take-off due to a missing ashtray, reminded me of my own infuriating “Diary of a Flight to Amsterdam.” I bet the “unspecified piece of equipment” there was an ashtray too.

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Diary of a flight to Amsterdam Schipol

My friend Robert tells me that last Tuesday when most Londoners stayed home in the snow, the first person to arrive in his central London office for a meeting was a guy who’d come in from Paris by Eurostar. Ha ha, we guffaw, it’s easier to commute from Paris to London than from the suburbs […]

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Oil and chemical execs in plane-crash team-building

Oil and chemical company executives are amongst those who are taking part in team-building exercises run by British Airways where they experience a simulated plane crash in a hangar at Heathrow. In a smoke-filled Boeing 737 they fight their way to freedom. The courses are so popular that BA has taken more than 350 bookings […]

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