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Printing a bike out of nylon

Airbike, a bicycle made using a manufacturing process which grows a product from a fine powder of nylon, carbon-reinforced plastics or metal, went on show to the world’s press on Monday and was covered by the Times, the Engineer, Physics News and every techie blog on the planet.   Produced by EADS (European Aeronautic Defence […]

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Make plastics at home with Thing-O-Matic

Have you ever wanted to design stuff in plastic and churn it out in the privacy of your own home? Now you can buy your own 3D-printer and produce models to your own spec in shiny fresh ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), according to articles on every techie blog in the world today.   The Thing-O-Matic […]

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Send your Anybot into meetings

I’m expecting to see Anybots milling around in conference lobbies or corporate meeting rooms before the year is out. It’s an internet-operated “telepresence robot” which can be manoeuvred from thousands of miles away using a laptop and headset, according to this article.   You can join in meetings, attend conferences, ask questions or wander round […]

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iPad will blend

Petchem folk who have been showing off their new iPad will be interested to know that … it blends.  

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Winter Olympics showcase futuristic goggles

Competitors in Vancouver‘s Winter Olympics have been displaying state of the art goggles which show speed, timings and store data for future analysis. The lightweight plastic Transcend goggles “can save a full day’s ski or snowboard runs into PC software that plots route and performance information through every twist, turn or slalom gate,” according to […]

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livescribe pulse_paper.jpg

Smartpen takes over from dictaphone

This is what I need to liven up my conference meetings. The new Livescribe Pulse Smartpen records audio and logs keystrokes as text – then you can retrieve the audio recording by tapping on the section of handwritten notes. Brilliant. It’s the next must-have gadget, and is sure to spread fear and loathing in face-to-face […]

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washing machine photo Rex.jpg

Washing machine replaces water with tiny nylon polymer beads

A new green-friendly washing machine — that uses only one cup of water along with tiny nylon polymer beads – is set to go on sale next year, according to this article today.   The machine leaves clothes virtually dry and aims to save up to 90% of water used by conventional machines, and 30% less energy. […]

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Top 10 new technologies for the PC

This is just the kind of top 10 new techie things which the Blog loves, even if half of them are pretty baffling - and that’s before you start on the reader comments at the bottom – on technology website GearCrave. That Number 8 – the Designer Netbook would make a very acceptable Valentine’s gift.   10 Dual […]

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“Did You Know?” – a glimpse into the IT future

This interesting if sensational video clip is currently going round – it’s about the rapid pace of progress in information technology and called “Did You Know?”   Set against a “Right Here, Right Now” backing track, it’s full of unsupported daunting statements like: China will soon become the no.1 English-speaking nation in the world. For students starting a […]

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dyson airblade.jpg

HALO video conferencing – it’s the future for petchems

More hi-tech gadgetry was on display when the Blog visited a major petrochemical company this week for a three-way global video conference. My colleague Peter S and I sat chatting long-distance in a state-of-the-art HALO suite, where the experience was as life-like as having all the members of the global product management team from the three offices in the room together. It made our previous in-house experience of video-conferencing look like the kids’ webcams, and as old hat as black and white TV. If this is the shape of the future, airlines have got a lot to worry about.

And as if that wasn’t enough of a glimpse into the future, the ladies’ restrooms had this very chic hand-drier. It’s called a Dyson Airblade.

It’s good to see where this year’s bumper profits have been spent.

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