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What’s in a name – Havingotascoobydo?

While on the subject of horse-racing, the Blog is struck once again by the ridiculous names of these beautiful creatures.   The conventions of naming thoroughbred horses are a mystery to the Blog, but it is painful to see gorgeous sleek expensive horses with undignified names.   What were they thinking of, the owners of […]

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Quote of the week: “I couldn’t train ivy up a wall”

Watching horse-racing with my mother on Saturday, I heard a great quote which I was sure our trainers at ICIS training would love.   “Two weeks ago I felt I couldn’t train ivy up a wall,” said racehorse trainer Venetia Williams, who was the trainer of the winning horse Ciceron in the 3.45 at Sandown […]

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The Lego Printer

It’s a working Mac printer made out of a felt tip pen and some Lego men, and it’s taking the social media world by storm.   Lego, long celebrated by the Blog as the perfect petrochemical toy, is once again in the spotlight, as the printer taps out the words “Hello World” and draws a […]

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