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Plummeting London hotel prices great for ICIS conferences

                                                                       Just heard in the lift that hotel room rates for conferences in London are now down to £100/night even at 5-star hotels.   Linda Lucas from our events team told me it was the same story everywhere, even in Dubai.   London is always a popular location for ICIS conferences but since our first […]

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Weight gain and business travel

It starts at the airport with the comforting cappuccino and the plateful of dinky little mini-croissants and pains au chocolat, because after all it was such an early start and there wasn’t time for breakfast at home. Then there are the long hours of forced meals and zero exercise on board the plane. Then the […]

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I came across the new concept of “Roomigami” today when I was on the Frankfurter Messe website, looking up possible dates for next year’s ICIS Training seminars. It’s the art of shoe-horning conferences and people into the space available. But how shall we use this new word in a sentence, hmmm ? I know. “We will need all […]

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EPCA Berlin 2009 – clash with German national holiday

EPCA 2009 in Berlin will clash with Germany’s “Day of German Unity” national holiday, and hotel rooms are already commanding a premium one year ahead of the event.   The annual conference of the European Petrochemical Association will be held on 3-7 October 2009, coinciding with the celebration of German reunification, which is on 3 October […]

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EPCA to abandon Monaco?

The European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) June newsletter dropped into the Blog inbox today, with early news of the annual meeting in Monaco at the end of September.
Already the jaded old hands in the European industry are complaining that they don’t want to go back to Monaco again. “It’s so expensive, it’s so fake, and you can never get a taxi, particularly when it rains, ” one producer told the Blog at last week’s EPL in Lisbon.
Suggestions for alternative venues have been flooding in to ICIS Chemicals Confidential. The shipping contingent is still plugging Barcelona. My fellow blogger Chloe Berman on Travel Weekly has found some perfect alternative destinations, not all of them in Europe, but all worthy of serious consideration: Santorini, Oman, Dallas, Seychelles …. and all of them with “the most luxurious swimming pools on earth”.

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Moscow hotels most expensive – official

Moscow tops the world’s capitals in terms of hotel room rates, according to our fellow RBI bloggers at Travel Weekly. Here is the top ten from a survey out today by Hotels.com of the average price per night and increase/decrease from 2006 to 2007. The Blog isn’t so sure about what you’ll get for your money in London at £115.

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