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Adrian Beale joins Integra in Houston

Trader Integra announced today that Adrian Beale will be joining its Houston office from 1 September 2012. “Adrian is currently a director with CMAI in Houston. He will be joining the Intermediates trading team and working together with the traders in the different regions,” the company emailed the Blog. 

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grackles and starlings houston.jpg

A murmuration of starlings in Houston

(photo: Houston Chronicle) Thousandsof starlings and grackles are gathering every evening in the trees alongWestheimer and around the Galleria in Houston,the Blog was startled to see and hear on a recent visit. The noise isincredibly loud, even over the normal roar of the traffic.  The black birds wheel across the sky in greatdark clouds, and […]

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blue lake - Still from Mesocosm (Wink, TX)

Hydrocarbon art exhibition in Houston

An art exhibition exploring nature and petrochemical production is taking place in Houston at the DiverseWorks Art Space in March as part of Fotofest 2012, spotted by Ken F at the photography festival opening. “Necrocracy” by Brooklyn-based artist Marina Zurkow explores the world of hydrocarbons in video animation, drawings and sculpture. Three new video works […]

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MOVES: Todd Rogers to Integra Houston

Todd Rogers, currently with Shell Chemicals aromatics team in Houston, will be joining Integra in Houston on 1 April 2012, the company announced today. Rogers will be heading up Integra’s aromatics business in the USA. “The Integra Group’s aromatics team is comprised of Peter Johansen in Brussels, Jereme Aziz, and  Waraporn Pumpaisanchai in Singapore, BW […]

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MOVES: Guy Keymolen to Vopak Houston

GuyKeymolen of Vopak Belgium is moving to the company’s Houston office, heinformed business partners by email yesterday. Keymolen, whowas at Vopak Belgium for six years, will become Vopak Global Account Directorbased in Houston, Texas. His role ascommercial manager will be filled by Birgit Henderickx, formerly sales managerat Vopak Belgium.

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Stop saying NPRA – it’s AFPM

We need to remember to stop saying NPRA at the end of January and call it by its new name AFPM. Since NPRA announced its name change on 4 October 2011 (see ICIS news article: US NPRA to become American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers), word has been slowly filtering into the industry consciousness. But old […]

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VIDEO: Houston storm – flooding outside ICIS office

Here’s 45 seconds of video from the mini-flood in Houston on the morning of Monday 9 January, taken by our own Stephen Burns.   “It’s now mostly drained away but (it was) fun while it lasted,” he added.

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MOVES: Ish Medeles joins TPC

Ish Medeles, formerly of INEOS Phenol, has joined TPC in Houston in the role of National Account Manager for the C4 business.  He will manage TPC’s customer interface for the C4 business with emphasis on Butadiene and Butene 1, a company source confirmed to the Blog.   Medeles started in his new role on 10 […]

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NASA lift-off for ICIS Heren

On a trip to see the ICIS Houston office last week, three of the London ICIS Heren team were invited to a special ‘Salute our Shuttle’ evening at the Johnson Space Center just south of Houston.   Just for workers and their friends and families, it was a tribute to the end of the space […]

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MOVES: Folkert Bloembergen back in Olefins

Folkert Bloembergen has joined Summit Petrochemical Trading Inc as VP Olefins Europe, trading ethylene propylene and C4s, he told Nel today.   Folkert, who was involved in propylene for LyondellBasell, prior to his latest position of Customer Fulfilment Manager for LBI in Houston, joined 1 February 2011 and will be based in Den Haag (the […]

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