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Houston gears up for record-smashing Texas primary

Still digesting the advent of $100/bbl oil, the US Gulf chemical industry is about to be hit with another first – a primary election in Texas on 4 March that will actually matter in terms of deciding the candidates in the November 2008 presidential election. 2008 is a one-of-a-kind, with the Republican front-runner John McCain still dogged by a conservative opponent who won’t quit and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton locked in a titanic struggle for the Democratic nomination.

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Houston petchem favourite sushi business lunch in peril

The favourite business lunch of the Houston petrochemical business community may become a thing of the past, now that food inspectors have found tuna sushi in New York City stores and restaurants containing so much mercury that at most of them,

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Bad press for techies

So it’s official: techies are out of shape and never take any exercise. Our techie colleagues on this Electronics Weekly blog have come across a medical report released today which says that the technology and IT sectors have an “unappetising set of diet and lifestyle statistics”. I can speak as an honorary techie, after I […]

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Do Turkeys celebrate Thanksgiving?

A Thanksgiving Greeting to all of the Blog’s US readers. Your offices are closed today, as is ICIS Houston, so shut your laptop now and go help in the kitchen. For all those Americans stranded overseas in Europe or Asia, who must wait till evening for your turkey dinner, click here for a warming sight […]

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Futures trading and First Class travel

I went to an excellent half-day course at the LME (London Metal Exchange) on plastics futures contracts. Held in an oak-panelled room overlooking the trading pit, it wasn’t just for beginners – major PS producer Pierre and his team were there. Also other plastics fabricators, traders and bankers. ICIS was favourably mentioned in a number […]

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Houston Chemical Bikers

Houston is a city built round the car, but it is not a welcoming place for a visiting driver from the UK straight off the ten-hour flight. The driving on the left I can handle, sort of, but what’s this with “right hand lane must exit” and flash floods on the road from the airport? […]

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The Blog does Houston

The Houston air is like soup. As I step off the plane I feel one dress-size fatter and my hair springs into tight curls. Outside the airport terminal a monsoon is in progress. Never mind that I checked the weather forecast before I left and it said “30% chance of precipitation”. I took this to […]

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