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More free stuff from ICIS

More free stuff. Subscribe to the ICIS magazine (ICIS Chemical Business) and get a free ICIS USB memory stick with over 100 chemical profiles.  

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First ICIS Decathlon champ crowned

Joe Chang in ICIS New York has won the first ever ICIS Decathlon and writes this characteristically modest account …   Two years, one pulled hamstring, a sprained ankle, bruised egos, and countless regrets culminating in one spectacular bar fight, has finally resulted in a winner in the 1st ICIS Decathlon.   In a dizzying […]

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By taxi to ICB in New York

My fellow ICIS blogger Simon Robinson has just returned from a week in the ICIS Chemical Business (ICB) office in New York, and is feeling that he has a lot to get off his chest. Here is a heavily expurgated version of his experiences with New York taxi cabs …   Being yellow on the […]

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ICIS Training in New York

ICIS Training moved to New York on Friday. Here the training roadshow is in full swing in the ICB offices on Park Avenue South.   “They’re doing a new exercise where they build petrochemical chains using cards (placing cards on their heads is not part of the exercise though,)” explains trainer Peter Taffe.   “Delegates at […]

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Resisting the lure of the future

Does anyone really keep the contact details of all their business partners in a pile of business cards? Can there be anyone left in our great metropolises who has not seen an iPhone? Yes there can and it is our own low-tech blogger, John Richardson, who proudly lays claim to his Grumpy Old Man status […]

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Chemical bloggers frolicking in the snow

Having sat in traffic for two-and-a-half hours due to heavy snow in London this morning, I am happy to see photos of my fellow chemical bloggers frolicking in the snow, no doubt over the weekend.   Paul Hodges of the “Chemicals and the Economy” Blog toboganning on Hampstead Heath, and click here for Will Beacham of “Looking […]

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Yankees win – ugh!

Picture his despair when Joe Chang, a die-hard New York Mets fan – who did NOT want to see the New York Yankees win the World Series – got to his desk the morning following their triumph to find it covered in Yankees logos.   His mournful cry of “Noooo!!!” chilled the bones of all […]

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Careers in chemicals

Andy Brice from ICB has a few words to say on his newest campaign and blog …   ICIS Chemical Business is almost a month in to its year-long Education and Recruitment Campaign, and it’s already garnered widespread support from many leading trade associations and chemical producers.   It’s no secret that the industry is […]

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Lanxess delight at ICIS Company of Year Award

It’s good to see that Lanxess is so delighted at winning the ICIS Company of the Year Award. Most of the Lanxess home page is set aside to celebrate the award, and the press release was translated into several languages. Apparently the employees are thrilled and their customers are impressed too.   “So much effort […]

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ICIS in New York

The Blog’s comrade Will Beacham, veteran of Glastonbury, has just returned from a stint in the ICIS Chemical Business offices in New York City, and has penned a scurrilous piece for the new ICIS blog “From Our Own Correspondent,” where he draws some unflattering comparisons between our own UK base and the glamorous Big Apple. […]

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