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Fake Magazine Covers

    This is from Magtoss, a website which uses computer-generated imagery to create fake magazine covers.   Scientists among us, and regular readers of ICIS Chemical Business magazine, will enjoy the key feature articles in “The Hermit – the award winning magazine dedicated to those who live their life hunched over a computer”:   The Outdoors is […]

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Help us find our Longest Standing Reader

I’m at the ICIS Training seminars in Brussels and as usual we give out free copies of our ICIS Chemical Business magazine (ICB, the Magazine Formerly Known As European Chemical News or Chemical Market Reporter), and during the workshop session I like to browse through the copy and pick up little snippets. This week I […]

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No more Free Stuff

I am reading with alarm that the days of Free Stuff are over, in this piece by our own correspondent, Doris de Guzman in New York.   Surely not! Only last week I picked up this delightful tiny 4 GB USB memory stick (only 2.5cm long) from sponsors Gazprom at the ICIS World Baseoils conference.  […]

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Ladies still run, despite Charlie’s move to energy

Charlie Shaw, formerly of ICIS pricing, and now covering European gas and power markets for ICIS Heren, finds that his new vocation falls short in terms of turning him into a babe-magnet …   In my petrochemical reporting days, I would find myself trying to reconcile the often contrasting versions of reality offered by producers, […]

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The sweet smell of maple syrup chemicals

A mysterious maple syrup smell has been wafting across New York City and into the offices of ICIS Chemical Business (ICB) on Park Avenue South for the past five years. At last city officials have sniffed out the source of the sweet smell – a New Jersey plant which processes flavours and fragrances, according to this article in […]

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Xperimania – Andy Brice’s chemical online chat

Andy Brice from ICIS Chemical Business (first on the left in photo) was invited to host an online chat for students from 13 secondary schools around Europe on the role of chemicals in everyday life …   On a cold, wintry morning last month, I arrived in Brussels, Belgium, at Cefic‘s headquarters to experience first […]

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Why golf and chemicals go together

The perennial topic of golf and chemicals is given another airing by my colleague Ivan Lerner in our New York office, in a humorous article in this week’s ICIS Chemical Business: “Skip the First 18 Holes.”   He espouses the theory that “the time-honored tradition of petchem deals and camaraderie over nine or 18 holes is […]

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ICIS Top 40 Power Players, with added “People’s Choice”

  Today’s issue of ICIS Chemical Business has the final results of the “ICIS Top 40 Power Players.” For the first time, readers were invited to vote for the controversial “People’s Choice” on the networking site ICIS Connect. The poll was won by a long chalk by LyondellBasell’s Volker Trautz, who is clearly very popular with his […]

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Lists of lists

The Blog loves Top 10 lists. We’ve had the Blog’s Top 10 chemical movie scenes, 100
top oil and chemical-themed cocktails, top chemical adverts, top chemical buzzwords, more top chemical movie scenes, top expensive capital hotels, top songs about chemicals, top EPCA parties …. And now ICIS Chemical Business has a runaway hit on its hands with its “ICIS Top 100 Chemical Companies” which has seen a record number of subscribers downloading the table. And milking the love of lists even further, this week’s publication follows up with “Ups and Downs”, a review of the Top 10 Firms, with “highlights of the chemical sector’s brightest players.”

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An homage to “Living without Polypropylene”

The Blog is shocked to see that our own ground-breaking article on “Living without polypropylene for a week – Cold Turkey” by Andy Brice in ICIS Chemical Business on 19 May 2008 has been the subject of an “homage” by a reporter on the BBC website and turned into “A Month without Plastic”. As Andy points out, she only goes without buying new plastics, so she still gets to use her phone, her computer, her car and all the accessories of modern life. Still, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery …

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