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Ground breaking at the ICIS Heren German office

(photo: Johanna in ICIS Heren Dűsseldorf office)   Ed Cox is in Dűsseldorf as the ICIS Heren office starts work …   “The new office in Dűsseldorf saw some real action on Monday as our reporter Johanna Rűschoff became the first official person to start work there. I came over from London to help get […]

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New recruits for the new ICIS Heren German office

Ed Cox from ICIS Heren in London sets off to Dusseldorf to start recruiting the editorial team for the new German office …   I don’t think my colleagues believe me at the ICIS Heren office when I say how delighted I am that our latest new office is in Germany. If it was in […]

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PHOTOS: New ICIS Heren office in Dusseldorf

The new ICIS Heren office in Dusseldorf is up and running, I hear from my colleague Simon on returning from his first visit.   The new German-based editorial team is going to “improve the quality and quantity of reporting on continental European gas markets and facilitate closer contact with the German energy industry,” says Simon […]

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Volcanic Ash – the Norse Saga Ends (for one ICIS traveller)

Our own Ed Cox of ICIS Heren staggers back into London on Monday, after leaving Norway on Friday evening, describing himself as “totally shattered”… Here is photographic evidence that one group of intrepid travellers had success amid all the volcanic chaos. The eight of us are seen arriving at Brussels Midi on Sunday night, ahead […]

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Arrivederci Norway

As the UK Transport Secretary Lord Adonis predicts that “significant disruption to most UK air services will continue for at least the next 48 hours,” due to the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland, our own Ed Cox from ICIS Heren makes plans to say goodbye to his enforced holiday retreat in Norway … Things are […]

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Volcanic ash cloud strands ICIS editors abroad

The volcanic ash cloud which has closed UK air space has left various ICIS London editors stranded across Europe and the US, kicking their heels and sadly unable to return to work. The Blog’s occasional guest contributor, Ed Cox of ICIS Heren, finds himself stranded in Norway with nothing better to do than to complain […]

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Bus queuing par excellence

I’ve just spent a couple of days in the ICIS Heren office in Holborn, and was very impressed to see a supreme example of Olde English bus queuing at the bus stop outside Waterloo station on both days.   In most parts of London, queuing at bus stops is a ramshackle affair, but the dual […]

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Gazprom take the headlines – again

While we are still recovering from EPCA Berlin, Ed Cox and the ICIS Heren team are in sunny Buenos Aires to cover the World Gas Conference. A starry-eyed Ed puts down his glass of Malbec to spill the beans on the latest Gazprom extravaganza …    Here I am at the World Gas Conference in […]

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Ed Cox on Radio Five Live

Knowing that our own Ed Cox from ICIS Heren was being interviewed about gas prices at 8.45 this morning on Radio Five Live, I eventually managed to find the station, tucked away on Medium Wave, on my car radio and listened to Ed answering questions on why gas prices in the UK weren’t coming down, […]

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The “All About ICIS” video – now showing on YouTube

By popular demand, here’s the ICIS video that was showing in the ICIS suite at NPRA last week – no voiceover, just music, tinkling away in the background for three days …    

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