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PHOTOS: ICIS Training goes to Houston

The ICIS Training caravan has been in Houston, Texas this week, and my colleague Peter Taffe has sent back these photos.   He tells me: “Two of the pics are Judith Taylor delivering a pricing paper. The other two are from the break out session where teams have to develop projects in different parts of […]

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Plasticity at London’s Science Museum

Inspired by the ICIS Training “Beginner’s Course in Petrochemicals,” which recommended a visit to London’s Science Museum exhibition “Plasticity,” our own Helena took her nine year-old nephew for a day of plastics, science and museum café food.   “It’s better than an old fort,” was his acute observation.   Plasticity has exhibits from the history […]

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ICIS Training Berlin

A few photos from ICIS Training in Berlin. 1 Peter and Nigel join in the breakout session on Day 1 2 Another group hard at work in the breakout session. 3 Preparing the final presentation on the flipchart.

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From ICIS Training to Floggers

(Wednesday) I thought it was crazy putting the London ICIS Training on the same day as Floggers, but sure enough the training was a runaway success, so what do I know? For Day Two, the Advanced course, we were sold out, and there was obviously no crossover with the Floggers crowd who were already getting […]

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The Bloggers Blogged

(Tuesday) After the first day of ICIS Training in London, we took the scenic walk down the river from Hammersmith Bridge, past the boathouses and pretty waterside pubs, stopping for dinner at the Dove.   The evening had been billed as a Blogging Summit, since it was fortuitous that the training event had brought together […]

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ICIS Training in London

(Tuesday) Doing ICIS Training in London, although dullsville for the Blog in terms of travel, is obviously hugely popular for chemical folk from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey and the Netherlands. They came by train and by plane, even from the distant parts of the UK.   We had a record number of delegates on Tuesday, […]

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planes grounded at stansted.jpg

Training is on despite volcanic ash no-fly zone

When I first heard that so many people had signed up for the ICIS Training seminars in London in April that we would have to run two parallel courses, I thought this was just another sign of economic recovery. Coming on top of other incontrovertible signs like the sold-out Olefins Conference, our bumper Amsterdam training […]

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Snow and Fire for London Base Oils

It sounds like the ICIS Base Oils Training in London on Monday got off to a flying start when trainer Amy Claxton‘s luggage went astray on her flight from snowbound Philadelphia. The flight itself had been pretty eventful with a body laid out in the plane during the journey. A further welcome to London was […]

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Amsterdam ICIS Training heralds upturn in petchem travelling

Can business travel be back to pre-recession levels already? The Blog doesn’t want to jump to conclusions, but the turnout for the ICIS Training seminars on Monday and Tuesday this week was the highest for the past year – and this was after a strong attendance at November’s Aromatics Conference and a much higher than […]

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Amsterdam Training Feb 201010.jpg

PHOTOS: Amsterdam ICIS Training

Photos from ICIS Training days, Amsterdam, 15 and 16 February 2010. 1 Nigel writing hot ICIS news article on Yara buying Terra, 8.00 Monday morning. 2 and 3 Hard at work in the Monday afternoon workshop sessions. 4 Trainers Peter T and Alastair Hensman conferring before Tuesday morning session. 5 Snow on Tuesday morning, from hotel […]

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