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Aromatics training module

Everyone SO enjoyed the training session on aromatics I did yesterday here in the ICIS London offices, that by popular acclaim I am putting the link to the ICIS aromatics training module here for all to enjoy. Unfortunately, there is not much to see before you pay the $115 (inc VAT) fee.   Click here for […]

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ICIS Training goes to Frankfurt

The ICIS Petrochemicals & Polymers training seminars went to Frankfurt this week. Nigel, Peter and Linda said the course delegates were a good cross section of buyers and sellers, and very keen. By pure coincidence, two polymer business partners – one producer and his customer – found themselves on the same training course.   Everyone was […]

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A forecasting joke

My friend Paul Hodges was here in the office on Friday and showed me a shocking slide from a presentation which a well-known chemicals consultancy had given at an industry briefing in June 2008, showing peak oil continuing for years to come and hence high chemical plant operating rates and high profitability. As we all […]

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The “All About ICIS” video – now showing on YouTube

By popular demand, here’s the ICIS video that was showing in the ICIS suite at NPRA last week – no voiceover, just music, tinkling away in the background for three days …    

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Texan glamour at the ICIS Intro to Baseoils training seminar

I’ve just popped in to the ICIS training “Introduction to Baseoils” seminar at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London, where tomorrow’s World Baseoils conference is going to be held. You can tell it’s IP Week, because there are oil company names on all the hotel suites listed on the screens in the lobby.   Baseoils […]

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Amsterdam ICIS training seminars – February 2009

The ICIS training seminars are in Amsterdam this week, and since everyone in the petchem industry is expecting this year to be a tough one for attendance on external courses and at conferences, it is very gratifying that both the Beginners’ and Advanced courses are sold out. Attendance figures from all the major industry conferences […]

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Diary of a flight to Amsterdam Schipol

My friend Robert tells me that last Tuesday when most Londoners stayed home in the snow, the first person to arrive in his central London office for a meeting was a guy who’d come in from Paris by Eurostar. Ha ha, we guffaw, it’s easier to commute from Paris to London than from the suburbs […]

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Aromatics Conference 2008 – I’m virtually there

There’s only one thing worse than going to an ICIS Aromatics Conference. And that’s NOT going to an ICIS Aromatics Conference. I’m already bored with not going to things. So from next week, I’m going to be out and about at anything I can lay my hands on, starting with the ICIS Training AGM, about […]

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Dubai training seminars

The ICIS conference and training team is back from Dubai after running a Baseoils conference, two training seminars and a joint ICIS/Nexant Middle East Petrochems conference, leaving the city seriously depleted of earrings, pashminas and fake handbags. I hear that everything went smoothly and with a very good turnout at the conferences.   Our event manager […]

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Calculators are for wimps

We’re driving through the west of England on wide open roads in brilliant sunshine, taking my son back to university for the start of the term. The new small car, with the back seats folded flat, is like a Tardis for the amount of student luggage it can fit in. A TV, Playstation, laptop, printer, speakers, clothes, bedding, but not much pertinent to the study of physics. Just a few large books and one ream of copier paper are tucked down the side of the boxes.

“Have you even got some pens, some ring-binders, a calculator?” I hassle him as we drive across Salisbury Plain and the sun shines down on Stonehenge, while we scan the horizon for somewhere to stop for an All Day Big Fry-Up Veggie Breakfast.

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