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PHOTOS: ICIS suite at EPCA Budapest

The ICIS suite in the Marriott hotel at EPCA Budapest, small but perfectly formed, with a spectacular view over the Danube and up the hill to the architectural wonders of Buda, was heaving with people on Monday morning. Vicky took a few photos …

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New editorial appointments at ICIS

Three new editorial appointments at ICIS were announced today:   Barbara Ortner, to Head of Market Reporting Stephen Burns, to Head of News and Analysis Shelley Kerr, to Managing Editor Europe

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T25 supermini car made from recycled plastic bottles

Clive was pushing his baby daughter past the vegetable counter when I bumped into him at the weekend. I didn’t know he’d had a baby. “Yes,” he said. “The baby was born in the car on the way to Kingston hospital. It was in the local papers.” Clive used to work at ICIS, and we […]

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Volcanic thoughts from Paradise

ICIS staffers are still stranded across Europe and the US, with others stuck in London and desperate to get back to the US. One editor has made it back to London from Spain by coach, but John B is somewhere between Rome and Paris on his way back from Athens with a carful of teenagers, […]

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APIC 2010 Mumbai – A Passage to India

APIC 2010 in Mumbai next month is expecting over 1,200 delegates, the organisers are saying in an eshot to prospective attendees today.   That’s looking like a good turnout, considering all the mumblings of discontent from the Northeast Asian contingent – about the security, the climate, the size of the venue, etc – and some […]

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ICIS 30 years – An Official History

SAN ANTONIO (Chemicals Confidential)–“History is written by the victors.” (Churchill) So, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of ICIS, I shall write the official history, or at least the salient points:   1 ICIS was started in 1980 (really November 1979) in Paris by Humphrey Hinshelwood.   2 ICIS originally stood for Independent Chemical Information […]

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ICIS Olefins Conference – now SOLD OUT

The ICIS Olefins Conference to be held at the Brussels Hilton on 3 March is now sold out, I hear from Nel on Friday. She emails me as I am coming out of the morning sessions at the World Base Oils Conference, which has also been a huge success, with a record attendance. As I […]

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Record numbers for Base Oils Conference

The 14th World Base Oils and Lubricants Conference which ended today had a big wow factor with a record 410 attendance – making it by far the biggest ICIS conference ever. Despite papers on the catastrophic year which the industry had in 2009, and the apparently imminent demise of the European industry, there were some […]

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Budgeting for a New Normal: Hodges

I’ve just seen that thousands of readers have downloaded my fellow blogger Paul Hodges’ white paper Budgeting for a New Normal. This triumph has brought in a lot of new readers to the ICIS blogs, and I congratulate Paul on his success. Click through to his blog to download it free.

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Resisting the lure of the future

Does anyone really keep the contact details of all their business partners in a pile of business cards? Can there be anyone left in our great metropolises who has not seen an iPhone? Yes there can and it is our own low-tech blogger, John Richardson, who proudly lays claim to his Grumpy Old Man status […]

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