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Elephants at New Delhi Fertilizer Seminar

The Fertiliser Association of India 2011 annual seminar took place in New Delhi last week with 1,600 delegates, amongst them ICIS’s Rebecca Clarke …   “It was my first time at the conference and also in India. I managed to get a bit of sightseeing in with a couple of hours in a car around […]

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The whole world in a cup of coffee

I like this clever shot of the map of the world in a cup of coffee, advertising the Tea Lounge at the Taj Palace Hotel in Mumbai – where Neil and I went for a break from the incredible heat of the city the day before last year’s APIC conference.   All the creative credits […]

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BOOKS: Solar by Ian McEwan

Last week I met someone by the name of Chandrasekhar in a meeting about publishing technology. The name was familiar, I said, thinking maybe it was someone I had met in business, or someone from school.   “It is the Indian Smith,” he said. “But it is also the name of the only Indian winner […]

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APIC Mumbai lasting impressions

Some strange photos from APIC have been arriving in the Blog inbox, and it seems a shame to waste them. Avoiding the ash cloud on the return journey, delegates have been returning to their desks and exchanging their key impressions about the event …   1 One consultant said that his colleague from the Philippines […]

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Roosmarijn Vandeputte joins Hazel

Roosmarijn Vandeputte, formerly of Oxyde then Noble, has joined trader and distributor Hazel Mercantile Limited. She set up HML Europe BV in April in Amsterdam, she tells me at APIC. Her card shows her title as Director of HML.

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Petrochem Middle East interview at APIC 2010

I’ve just read Mahua’s article on the growth prospects for aromatics in the Middle East and India, together with this upbeat video clip.   “The happy story [about the Middle East] is that volumes are growing, margins are healthy,” said Yogesh Mehta, managing director of distribution company Petrochem, referring to the start up of new […]

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PHOTOS: APIC Mumbai 2010

Photos 1 Outside the conference hotel, Renaissance Mumbai 2 Joe Chang and John Richardson of ICIS arriving at APIC Thursday 3 ICIS booth at APIC, with Steve Tan 4 Lunch at APIC Thursday 5 APIC speaker panel Friday Click here for more APIC photos  And here for all the news on ICIS news from APIC 2010  

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APIC from India to Japan

MUMBAI (Chemicals Confidential)–News circulates at APIC that next year’s event will be in Japan. First we hear it will be Yokohama, then it transpires that it will be Fukuoka. One Indian petchem sales manager tells me that the local delegates believe that APIC will not be coming back to India in his lifetime, because they […]

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Letter from Mumbai

MUMBAI (Chemicals Confidential)–The coolest place to be at APIC in Mumbai is the main conference auditorium, especially in the back rows where a nice chill breeze is blowing across the suited delegates. It’s a pleasant relief after the crazy traffic to get here – an hour to do a 10 minute journey from the hotel […]

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Midnight’s Children – Welcome to Mumbai

MUMBAI (Chemicals Confidential)–Mumbai on my first morning is by no means as chaotic as I’ve been led to expect. My passage through the airport at 1.00 am this morning was no worse than elsewhere, despite it being 30 deg C outside (in the middle of the night!) with no queue at passport control but a […]

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