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iPads versus iPhones (Michael Jackson spoof)

  Traders with their new iPads are everywhere. My first sighting of the petchem trader/iPad combo was at APIC in May.   “It’s a life changer,” another trader tells me this week. Right.   Now that iPhones are commonplace, iPads are still rare enough to have the cool edge.   This video is going round […]

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Lego Photo app for iPhone

The Lego Photo app for iPhone poses a serious threat to future sales of real Lego (the perfect petrochemical toy.)   Before you download it and start to enjoy the virtual pleasures of transforming your photos into Lego bricks, spare a thought for your petchem comrades in the ABS business. Today it’s Lego, tomorrow the […]

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iFad and iFoam

Even the Blog’s children are being scathing about the new iPad, or iFad as all the techies in the office are so wittily calling it. Never mind that the purchase of a cute lightweight netbook in time for NPRA was delayed so that we could see what the long-awaited iPad was like, they would clearly […]

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