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Silly Bandz elastic wristbands come to Europe

Petchem parents should be warned that the next US craze to hit their children, after stickers and vampires, is going to be Silly Bandz, colourful elastic wristbands which are selling at the rate of a million packs a week in the US.   Each pack contains 24 rubbery plastic bands, shaped like animals or fish […]

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Fuel hikes impact on holidays, cars, jewellery and pizza

My saintly mother called yesterday to complain that the organisers of her Portuguese river cruise holiday were hammering it with an 80% surcharge on account of “higher fuel costs”. Saintly but not stupid, she smartly took her business elsewhere, namely to clever operators Saga Holidays who were offering an upper deck cabin at the original price, and guaranteeing no fuel surcharges. And in my own brush with fuel economy, I spent the weekend in the car showrooms of west London, looking for a tiny and fuel-efficient vehicle to replace my heavy duty German gas-guzzler, which has sadly guzzled its last litre of unleaded after a drunk driver drove into the back of us. Despite news from America that the whole population is downsizing to what they call “compact” cars, I can reveal that London’s car showrooms are empty. No-one is buying cars, regardless of size, and despite wild promotions offering free cinema tickets to see “Wall.E”. Just who is going to buy a car on the basis of a free trip to see a kids’ film anyway?

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