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All the gossip from Aromatics Conference 2011

The gossip at conferences usually comes down to: 1)     Who’s in? 2)     Who’s out? 3)     Who’s moved where?   With optional extras: weather, travel, children and who’s got the best hotel rooms.   The Aromatics Conference was a good opportunity to meet some of the new faces in the business – new companies, and new […]

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Resisting the lure of the future

Does anyone really keep the contact details of all their business partners in a pile of business cards? Can there be anyone left in our great metropolises who has not seen an iPhone? Yes there can and it is our own low-tech blogger, John Richardson, who proudly lays claim to his Grumpy Old Man status […]

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Two Stuart Goldsmiths, Two John Richardsons

I had to laugh yesterday when I saw a leaflet for a local stand-up comedy gig starring an up-and-coming comedian called Stuart Goldsmith. Just why it should be so amusing to picture olefins trader Stuart Goldsmith as a stand-up comedian is hard to explain to those readers who don’t know him.   I remember being […]

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Adam Lambert tipped by Asian chemicals guru

Dog bites man – who cares? But man bites dog, now that’s news. It’s an old gag, but that’s what I thought when I read an email yesterday from my friend John R, our Asian economics guru and director of ICIS insight Asia, with a link to his blog posting about singer Adam Lambert on […]

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The Blog goes Mainstream

After building up a strong cult following, the Blog has given in to popular pressure and gone mainstream. Now the Blog will be for everyone, and not just for those who had received the much coveted private invitation to view. You can now find your way to ICIS-Chemicals-Confidential through the www.icis.com website by clicking on […]

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