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Corian kitchens in vogue with curvy surfaces

Stylishpolymer Corian is the latest thing for trendy kitchens, the Blog reads in anarticle “Corian seduces with its curves” in the Times property supplement,Bricks & Mortar. Increasinglypopular in bespoke kitchens, particularly in glacier white, it allows forworktops and sinks to flow in one continuous unit. The non-porous Du Pontmaterial, made of acrylic polymer and alumina […]

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Tupperware plastics demand boost from drag act

Tupperware’s top North American saleswoman is a fabulous blonde drag queen, performing as Miss Dee W Ieye, who sells so many plastic storage products in her raunchy parties that she has beaten all competition for the fourth consecutive year.   Actor Kevin Farrell does a 50-minute routine, for a minimum of 30 people at each […]

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Favourite Plastic Gadget – Pineapple Corer

With the pineapple import season in full swing in the UK, and central American pineapples everywhere on special offer (two for £2), you can dazzle your guests with this crazy pineapple coring gadget which produces a spiral of perfect pineapple without the outer spikes and the fibrous core.   I didn’t know such a thing […]

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Plastic Fantastic – The Lego Kitchen

I might have believed that two French designers were so enamoured of Lego that they chose it to construct a kitchen island unit in their Parisian apartment, described in gushing detail in a five-page article in the Style section of Saturday’s Times Magazine (sorry, links not working).   I might have believed it until I […]

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