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Language tips for saying thank you

I am obliged to Richard for helping us remember the Japanese for thank you (arigatou) with his spontaneous aide memoir of “Harry-Gateau.”   Also to Mark S for his top tip on how to remember the Indonesian for thank you (terima kasih): “That well-known Irishman, Terry McAssee.”   He also offered “Harry Viderci” for the […]

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The Art of Trader Speak

Understanding trader-speak is an art. My fellow blogger, Paul Hodges has written an insightful explanation of some classic trader expressions on his blog.   To these, the ICIS aromatics reporting team can add the following:   “I haven’t done anything in the market this week, but I heard this low deal done.” = Please move […]

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Metaphorically speaking

Listening to a colleague making a presentation to a group of non-native English speakers recently, I pondered on how we use metaphors to an extent which must be impenetrable for anyone with a limited grasp of business English.   In a few minutes of his presentation I jotted down: ·                       The gold standard ·                       Off […]

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Taking One For The Team

How insidious sporting metaphors are as they sneak unremarked into our corporate-speak.   “Team spirit,” “pulling together,” “weaker players,” “extra coaching” and the currently popular “taking one for the team”.   Sitting in the west stand at the Stoop watching Harlequins vs Leinster in the quarter-final of the rugby European Cup on Sunday, I observed […]

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Buzz words for this year’s meetings

I’ve been in San Antonio for less than a day and I’m already goggle-eyed with disbelief at some of the Top Buzz Words coming out of the mouths of otherwise normal people in conference meetings.   I think I would have to practise in front of a mirror before I could use these expressions with a straight […]

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