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Lanxess red carpet for the G20 Summit

At the Cannes G20 Summit on 3-4 November, the heads of state are stepping out on a rich “red carpet” of asphalt, coloured by iron oxide pigments from Lanxess, according to a company press release today.   The city of Cannes has renewed 9,400 square meters of walkways and squares around the Palais des Festivals […]

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Lanxess delight at ICIS Company of Year Award

It’s good to see that Lanxess is so delighted at winning the ICIS Company of the Year Award. Most of the Lanxess home page is set aside to celebrate the award, and the press release was translated into several languages. Apparently the employees are thrilled and their customers are impressed too.   “So much effort […]

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In Vogue Lanxess

Lucy Craymer is rather taken with the new range of Lanxess leather-tanning chemicals …   It’s hard keeping up with the fashion. Maybe harder still if you are more at home with the likes of ethylene and propylene than with Dolce and Gabbana but chems company Lanxess is trying. The company is producing a “trend […]

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