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Lego is Everywhere – World’s Tallest Tower

Ignoring all the furore about the launch of the new game “LEGO Battles: Ninjago” for the Nintendo DS in April, not to mention the imminent “LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean – the Video Game” due in May, the Blog is forced to concede that Lego is back in the news headlines this week with the […]

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My Top 10 Posts of 2010

These were my most read posts of 2010. What does it say about the Blog’s readers? They like movies, toys, travel, fashion, who’s who corporate moves and advance news about who’s attending conferences. No big surprises there.   1 Houston location for Jeff Bridges movie Crazy Heart – ICIS Chemicals Confidential Why didn’t Houston look […]

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Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars

The second sequel Lego Star Wars computer game is due to hit the shops in February 2011, the Blog reads in the weekend papers.   Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars is a traditional fantasy game starring the characters from Star Wars with an adorable Lego makeover.   Lego, made of bright shiny ABS […]

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David Beckham loves Lego

    David Beckham is obsessed with Lego, he told the world in a live interview on Yahoo on 14 July, which I saw quoted in the Sunday Times today. Answering a question about what he would have chosen for a job if he hadn’t been a sports star, he said that he loved drawing and he loved […]

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Lego Star Wars Imperial Shuttle

The Lego Star Wars Imperial Shuttle is coming out this September, and I can’t believe that the new Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story 3 is set to be this year’s must-have toy when this new 2,504-piece fantasy in ABS will be in the shops for a mere $260.   I’m impressed that the Imperial Shuttle […]

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Happy Birthday Legoland

The original Legoland in Denmark celebrated its 42nd anniversary yesterday, according to this article on wired.com, spotted by regular my fellow blogger and regular Wired reader Paul Hodges.   Despite the thrills and spills of the themepark rides at this and other Legolands around the world, it seems that it is still the panoramas of […]

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The Lego Printer

It’s a working Mac printer made out of a felt tip pen and some Lego men, and it’s taking the social media world by storm.   Lego, long celebrated by the Blog as the perfect petrochemical toy, is once again in the spotlight, as the printer taps out the words “Hello World” and draws a […]

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Lego Photo app for iPhone

The Lego Photo app for iPhone poses a serious threat to future sales of real Lego (the perfect petrochemical toy.)   Before you download it and start to enjoy the virtual pleasures of transforming your photos into Lego bricks, spare a thought for your petchem comrades in the ABS business. Today it’s Lego, tomorrow the […]

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Get yourself a Lego Blackberry

The idea of a Lego Blackberry somehow symbolises the petrochemical trading life, combining both the perfect petrochemical toy and the industry’s preferred means of communication.   Now Lego artist Nathan Sawaya has been commissioned to produce a replica of RIM’s Blackberry Tour. It was a challenge to build one with a screen that really worked, […]

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Plastic Fantastic – The Lego Kitchen

I might have believed that two French designers were so enamoured of Lego that they chose it to construct a kitchen island unit in their Parisian apartment, described in gushing detail in a five-page article in the Style section of Saturday’s Times Magazine (sorry, links not working).   I might have believed it until I […]

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