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International Year of Chemistry launched at House of Commons

John Baker and Nigel Davis of ICIS London were invited to the House of Commons yesterday evening for the UK industry launch of the UNESCO/IUPAC sponsored International Year of Chemistry (IYC). John tells the Blog: “We heard a sparky address on the importance of women in science and technology from Esther McVey, MP for Wirral […]

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TRADER MOVES: David Corthorn to Accenture, Australia

David Corthorn has moved to a new position as Senior Manager – Commodity Trading & Risk Management Services at Accenture, based in Sydney, Australia, he announced on Thursday.   Corthorn was previously with RBS Sempra Commodities in London, although the Blog originally came across him at BP.   He has kindly emailed me this link […]

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Travel to China from London by train in 2 days

Can you imagine taking a two-day train ride from Shanghai to London? Or Singapore to London? What a fantastic trip that would be, and irresistible to all those European petchem travellers to the Asian business hubs. I just can’t wait.   My eye was caught by an inspirational map of the proposed high speed rail […]

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Traders chopped at JP Morgan and MF Global

Energy trading jobs at JP Morgan in London will be axed, following the takeover of Sempra Commodities’ European energy business, according to this article in the Evening Standard.   The news came at the same time as eight out of nine oil swaps brokers resigned from MF Global, after its new chief executive Jon Corzine […]

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London 2012 Olympics feature plastics galore

The London 2012 Olympics will create a plastics bonanza, featuring miles of plastics piping, kerbing and stadium seating, according to a press release on 6 July from the British Plastics Federation (BPF). More appealingly, Hornby PLC, the models and collectibles group, has also secured a licence to provide official London 2012 merchandise across its Corgi, […]

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New hydrogen London black cabs

A fleet of London‘s black cabs powered by hydrogen is going to be on the road in time for the 2012 Olympics. A demonstration hydrogen fuel cell taxi was launched on Monday at City Hall.   The cabs can operate for a day without refuelling, and will use six specialist hydrogen filling stations which are planned […]

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London Marathon Showcases Chemical Fashion

Julia Meehan of ICIS London took part in the London Marathon, and survived to write a chemical-related article for ICB. Here the Blog brings you an abridged version… To wear and what not to wear is a fashion dilemma faced by most modern working women, but in my wildest dreams I did not imagine that […]

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PHOTOS: The CBA’s annual Floggers Luncheon

Relive some of the highlights of the Chemical Business Association’s 87th annual Floggers Luncheon, with these “before” photos.   The event, held on Wednesday 28 April 2010 at London‘s Grosvenor House, attracted 1,035 guests, 180 more than last year, the organisers tell me.   After months of rising chemical prices, it’s obvious the mood was […]

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From ICIS Training to Floggers

(Wednesday) I thought it was crazy putting the London ICIS Training on the same day as Floggers, but sure enough the training was a runaway success, so what do I know? For Day Two, the Advanced course, we were sold out, and there was obviously no crossover with the Floggers crowd who were already getting […]

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The Bloggers Blogged

(Tuesday) After the first day of ICIS Training in London, we took the scenic walk down the river from Hammersmith Bridge, past the boathouses and pretty waterside pubs, stopping for dinner at the Dove.   The evening had been billed as a Blogging Summit, since it was fortuitous that the training event had brought together […]

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