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Polypropylene chair on Design Classic stamps

The polypropylene chair has received the ultimate accolade of Design Classic and features in a new set of stamps for the UK’s Royal Mail, released in January 2009.   The series of ten stamps also includes Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s telephone box (his K2 design is from 1926) and Robin Day’s polypropylene chair for Hille […]

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Hummer UK sales drop to one

The Blog had to laugh on hearing the news out today from the Society of Motor Manufacturers that total December sales for the Hummer in the UK amounted to just one vehicle. This was a catastrophic decrease from last December’s sales of nine. It always brightens my day to see someone trying to manoeuvre a […]

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Gazprom’s Russian charm offensive

Ed Cox enjoys some Russian hospitality at a Gazprom press conference … Last week I was exposed to the mighty force of the Russian – or should I say Gazprom – marketing machine in my quest to keep on top of the latest episode in the dispute with Ukraine over gas supplies. Well they say […]

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The Pivo 2 Noddy Car

Why jettison good looks in the pursuit of fuel economy? Not when you could be running around town in this adorable little Pivo 2 car from Nissan, currently on display in London’s Science Museum as part of the Japan Car exhibition, 29 November 2008 to 19 April 2009.   Like Nissan’s popular Figaro car, it looks […]

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Bad News Bears

Harrods teddy bears are being recalled due to high levels of formaldehyde. Around 800 bears sold between 2 July and 26 July have been found to have a higher than usual amount of the methanol derivative in the foot pads.

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On perfect Houston office lunches and coffee

When I’m in the ICIS Houston office, one of my favourite places to get lunch is the local Whole Foods Market on Kirby. That is when I’m not queuing up for slabs of beef at the Texas Bar-B-Q or down the nail salon. So I was happy to see that a flagship Whole Foods store had opened last year in London’s Kensington High Street, bringing the organic supermarket brand to the UK, but now I’m not at all surprised to read that the new venture is facing disaster after making a £10 million ($20m) loss in its first year. In these economically straightened times, it was just too classy, too expensive, too big and in the wrong place, with no parking. And while Houston Whole Foods is still thriving, 600 branches of Starbucks are closing down across the US, because they over-estimated how many punters were prepared to pay $2 a cup, and saturated areas with multiple branches.

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Bronzed limbs – the chemical way

It’s not every day that chemical commuters set off from London to Brussels on the Eurostar train and find that the St Pancras station has been taken over by 30 models, male and female, who have stripped off to highlight Sun Awareness Week. I am grateful to my fellow blogger Annette Hanford for the photo of the event, sponsored by St Tropez, the chemical way to get a tan.

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Why are Brits rubbish at recycling?

Why are Brits rubbish at recycling? As I danced down the stairs on Saturday morning with another couple of bin bags full of rubbish, I asked myself why we Brits are so bad at recycling? I’m not a bad person but it just never occurs to me to put my empty bottles in a box and take them to the skip by the station. When I’ve just finished reading the hefty Sunday papers it never dawns on me to fold them up and separate them from the rest of my detritus.

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Surreal moments in Shanghai

Nothing can quite match the moment when a keen young reporter respectfully enters my office and hands me a printed copy of her report to critique, written throughout in Chinese characters but with a few numerals dotted throughout the three pages of text. We still manage a good session on the key points of good reporting practice, and I don’t think she finds it weird at all.

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Moscow hotels most expensive – official

Moscow tops the world’s capitals in terms of hotel room rates, according to our fellow RBI bloggers at Travel Weekly. Here is the top ten from a survey out today by Hotels.com of the average price per night and increase/decrease from 2006 to 2007. The Blog isn’t so sure about what you’ll get for your money in London at £115.

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