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MOVES: Folkert Bloembergen back in Olefins

Folkert Bloembergen has joined Summit Petrochemical Trading Inc as VP Olefins Europe, trading ethylene propylene and C4s, he told Nel today.   Folkert, who was involved in propylene for LyondellBasell, prior to his latest position of Customer Fulfilment Manager for LBI in Houston, joined 1 February 2011 and will be based in Den Haag (the […]

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Reflections on the Aromatics Conference 2010, Berlin

Sitting again in the Segafredo café in Berlin Tegel departure lounge, I can see my two articles from this morning have gone up on the website, and there’s time to reflect on the Aromatics Conference…   It really was the best speaker line-up ever, and one we’ll never be able to repeat.   I enjoyed […]

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Petchem Bikers on the Road from Rotterdam

More petchem cycling news reaches the Blog this morning. Steve Lyons of LyondellBasell and Jim Thompson of Third Coast Chemicals took inspiration from the Tour de France starting in Rotterdam, and decided to ride the first stage on the day after the Tour riders had completed it. The first stage, Rotterdam to Brussels – which […]

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John Mitchell joins Avestra

John Mitchell, formerly of LyondellBasell, has joined traders Avestra Chemical Suisse SA from 1 July 2010, the company announced on Friday. Mitchell will be trading aromatics in the Swiss office in Lausanne. He previously was product manager with responsibility for styrene and benzene at LyondellBasell in Rotterdam.

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Fabulous chemical plant photos

  Artistic photos of chemical plant are hidden away in this corner of the ICIS Connect forum, where photographers have uploaded some of their most spectacular shots.   The Blog has followed the trail which leads to group of 37 member photographers on Flickr with a collection of 96 dramatic and stylish photos of chemical plant, taken […]

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Billionaire stuck with chemicals after Setanta failure

Poor Len Blavatnik, bored with chemicals after LyondellBasell’s bankruptcy, won’t be buying Setanta after all, now they can’t broadcast Premier League football.    

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K-Dow, LyondellBasell, Akzo – big breaking news in last days of 2008

I’ve spentthe last eight days away from computer screens, but there’s been no way ofavoiding the big breaking chemical news stories which have featured prominentlyin the newspaper business pages.   The biggestnews was the collapse of the K-Dow joint venture, covered in detail on ICISnews from the first announcement on 29 December.   Then therewas […]

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Top Chemical Xmas Cards 2009

Does anyone send business Xmas cards any more? Apparently so, but they’re just not very good at doing it.   The Blog’s top tip for the sending of business Season’s Greetings cards: for hard copy cards, make an effort and post them on time!   What is more ridiculous than cards that arrive after the […]

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From chemicals to movies

Len Blavatnik of Access Industries, owner of LyondellBasell, and a major player in Russian TNK-BP amongst other things, is going into the movie business, according to articles in the Sunday Times and on Hollywood blogs. Stadium Entertainment, of which Blavatnik is a leading backer, is close to acquiring the overseas sales and distribution division of Mel Gibson’s production company Icon. Through Icon, he would take control of the Majestic film and TV library, which includes the rights to Driving Miss Daisy and Dances With Wolves, according to the Sunday Times.

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Football and chemical freebies

I’m sitting in a football stadium on a mild and sunny Saturday afternoon in this cool damp English summer, watching our team in what is only its third game this season as all the expensive new players fail to score a single goal. Watching football in warm weather is a pleasantly new experience for me. It’s normally an outing I associate with freezing winds and driving rain, standing muffled in coat, hat and gloves with a thick scarf wrapped around my face. This is where my treasured Lyondell Equistar black and silver thermos flask of hot coffee comes into its own. When it comes to chemical freebies, it’s the thought that counts.

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