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Gorgeous Human Origin Intoxicant

On the seatback on the China Eastern flight to Fukuoka today is this enticing advert for: “Gorgeous Human Origin Intoxicant Fertile Jianshi.”   Whatever it is, the Blog feels sure we could all benefit from some.

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Manflu comes in plastic bottle

A male comfort drink in a plastic bottle has been launched to help soothe men who suffer from colds, according to an article in the Grocer.   The lemon-lime and honey flavour “Manflu” drink, sold as “comfort and sympathy in a bottle” will be a welcome antidote to the illness manflu, the severity of which […]

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Bright new eyes for NPRA

What’s the hottest new trend amongst NPRA delegates this year? Yes, it’s corrective laser eye surgery.   The Blog has come across three men who have recently ditched their glasses and contact lenses to emerge blinking into the image-conscious new world of improved vision. It’s not an avalanche but in the shinking pool of the Blog’s […]

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Chemical to make you feel blue

A food dye known as Brilliant Blue G (BBG) could offer an effective treatment to people with spinal cord injuries, but with the unfortunate side-effect of turning them blue, according to research at the University of Rochester in New York. The chemical was originally derived from coal tar, but is now made from an oil […]

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