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Early morning meetings at EPCA

There is a power play in these ridiculously early meetings at conferences.   First, no-one WANTS to do a meeting at 07.30.  The important party to the meeting (and the re is always the important player and the less important player) is fully booked so can only offer the B-list company this last slot. The […]

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Send your Anybot into meetings

I’m expecting to see Anybots milling around in conference lobbies or corporate meeting rooms before the year is out. It’s an internet-operated “telepresence robot” which can be manoeuvred from thousands of miles away using a laptop and headset, according to this article.   You can join in meetings, attend conferences, ask questions or wander round […]

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Buzz words for this year’s meetings

I’ve been in San Antonio for less than a day and I’m already goggle-eyed with disbelief at some of the Top Buzz Words coming out of the mouths of otherwise normal people in conference meetings.   I think I would have to practise in front of a mirror before I could use these expressions with a straight […]

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Weight gain and business travel

It starts at the airport with the comforting cappuccino and the plateful of dinky little mini-croissants and pains au chocolat, because after all it was such an early start and there wasn’t time for breakfast at home. Then there are the long hours of forced meals and zero exercise on board the plane. Then the […]

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Speed-dating for the chemical industry

Three weeks till EPCA in Monaco, and already everyone’s agendas are full. From breakfast meetings with breakfast, pre-breakfast meetings, and standing breakfast meetings, each of the three core days is staked out with hourly or half-hourly meetings. It’s speed-dating for the chemical industry.

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Blog Holiday Special: Meetings in Paradise

Fine sand is trickling between my toes but my brain is tick-tick-ticking like a biological clock. It was only this morning on this island paradise that I witnessed a scene that made my blood run cold. Through an open door in the lobby, I caught a glimpse of a long table set with pads of paper for a meeting, and a flipchart ready for the day’s first presentation. Yes even here at the ends of the earth, the world of corporate meetings is hidden behind only the flimsiest of doors. Louis Macneice famously wrote in his “Snow” about cruel juxtapositions – the bowl of roses while outside the snow. He knew too well that you can run, but you can’t hide from the real world.

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