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Yahoo Messenger in the Air

Messaging via Yahoo Messenger (YM) is suchan established part of petrochemical life, particularly trading and reporting,that it is already old hat to be messaging with someone on a desktop, laptop ormobile phone. The Blog can still be impressed, however, by innovation on atheme, and it was definitely impressive to get a message the other day […]

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Big Brother is spying on our Messenger

Global trading of chemicals would grind to a halt without Yahoo Messenger. But how secret are our business and personal communications on messenger platforms? It’s enough to bring every trader and market reporter out in a cold sweat to read on the New Scientist blog that if you used the instant-messaging system MSN messenger in June 2006, all your chats were being collected and being passed (anonymised, of course) to researchers at Microsoft Research, a paper in the physics pre-print server arXiv reveals.”

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