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Basic maths in business life

The lack of basic numeracy in advertising was the topic of outraged conversation on the sidelines of a workshop the Blog attended this morning.   A photo from today’s Metro was being passed round on a colleague’s iPhone to a general sucking of teeth and shaking of heads. Spot the error …  

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Plastics and sperm counts in headlines again

Scare stories about chemicals surface at the rate of about one a month, but this front page headline, “Plastic food tubs cut sperm counts,” caught the attention of my colleague Paul in this morning’s Metro.   He particularly liked the proximity of the headline to the photo of the three ageing Hollywood stars.   Skimming […]

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It’s a Plastic Life

Photographer Vincent Bousserez has made a series of exquisite pictures of tiny plastic folk in giant landscapes. The collection has achieved a mass following, and his photographs sell for up to £1,800, according to an article in today’s Metro.    

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Animals on the Underground

Chemical business travellers in London can use these “Animals on the Underground” to while away the time on the train.   Metro newspaper ran a competition to find out how many animals their readers thought had been spotted on the map, and it turned out to be 23. The Animals website is now so popular it receives over […]

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