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Pointy boots poised to stamp into Texas

A fashion craze for extra-pointy cowboy boots is sweeping Mexico and picking up a lot of press coverage in the US and Europe. Apparently the men’s pointy boots are great for dancing in, and make the wearers popular with the girls.   The Blog is asking all Houston readers to be on the alert for […]

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VIDEO: APLA in Mexico City, November 2009

Stephen Burns at ICIS Houston has got round to pulling some APLA 2009 scenes of Mexico City together. I particularly enjoyed the homemade stretch VW Bug, and the street scenes took me back to a distant IFA fertilizer conference in Mexico City, the memories of which are now a blur of huevos rancheros, smog and silver and turquoise […]

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Arkema’s swineflu precautions

In the face of the sweeping contagion of swine flu, employees at Arkema’s Lavera site are prepared to go to all lengths to keep production running, even to the point of sleeping on site to avoid catching the virus, according to this article on today’s Le Figaro website. The article goes on to say that […]

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Places to Work

The London-based risk consultancy, Control Risks, has devised a list of the Top 10 most dangerous places in the world to work, as measured by the number of times the company’s registered clients requested each country’s page on its Forecast online services.   It would be fair to assume that a considerable number of those weighing […]

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