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Jacko fans boost polycarbonate sales

The death of Michael Jackson has created over 7,000 tonnes of polycarbonate demand because of all the CDs and DVDs being sold, producer Bayer revealed during a conference call on Wednesday to present its quarterly results.   

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Barbie foosball table

The Blog’s favourite petrochemical toy is of course Lego. Look how it responds to the events of the day, with the Barack Obama Inauguration Lego and now various Michael Jackson tribute Lego videos.   However, Barbie is another top-runner for best petrochemical toy. She’s plastic, pretty, she doesn’t hurt so much when you tread on her with bare […]

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Boiling hot at EPL Madrid

All the news and gossip from last week’s European Petrochemical Luncheon (EPL) in Madrid is gradually filtering back to the Blog.  All anyone could talk about at the time was the heat: 37 deg C and extremely dry. “I feel like I’m turning to dust,” said one Houston visitor, more used to the 104 deg F […]

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