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Boy George in Budapest

Singer Boy George was checking in to the Hilton on the Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest on Friday evening, as we passed through the lobby on our pre-EPCA stroll round the city.   The celebrity was clearly ready to turn in for the evening, but patiently signed autographs for a group of waiting fans before being […]

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ZZ Top on flight to Houston

The Blog turned into one of the paparazzi on spotting ZZ Top (Zee Zee Top) returning home from their European tour on the flight to Houston today.   They looked quite cheerful as the celebrity minder girl from Heathrow marshalled them through the VIP extra-fast track, but the Blog couldn’t help but notice that the one […]

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Plastic Bertrand Lip Synching Story

Plastic Bertrand was not the singer on his hit single Ca Plane Pour Moi, it has emerged in a Belgian court case.   An expert linguist compared the 1977 punk hit to Plastic’s 2006 cover version, and decided it was the same voice on both, according to this article on the BBC – about a […]

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Top 20 Chemical Songs 2010

Here we are, the new 2010 update of all-time-favourite Top Chemical Songs – all contributions gratefully received …   1 Anything by “The Chemical Brothers” or “My Chemical Romance” 2 Anything by “The Vaselines” 3 “The Plastic Ono Band” 4 Ethylene – John Hiatt 5 Slow Chemical – Spongebob cover version of Finger Eleven original […]

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The Vaselines – new entry for Top 20 Chemical Songs

The Vaselines are the new and oh so obvious entry into the Blog’s Top 20 Chemical Songs.   According to an email update today from ticket website We Got Tickets:   “Even if you’re not familiar with The Vaselines it’s likely you know at least three of their songs; Nirvana famously covered ‘Son Of A […]

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Vuvuzela craze boosts plastics demand

The vuvuzela has boosted demand for plastics, and given retailers an unexpected sales boom, according to this article on Sky spotted by Lara.   The constant din at the World Cup games has maddened players and fans, but UK supermarket Sainsbury’s has sold 40,000 of the plastic trumpets at £2 each.   For the pitiful […]

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Rick Wakeman to play at December EPL

Rick Wakeman, musician and songwriter, will be the guest performer at the December EPL, the Blog hears from a well-informed source on the EPL committee.   The news has already been greeted with pleasure and amazement by EPL members of a certain age, who remember Wakeman as the keyboardist in 1970s prog rock band Yes. […]

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Orange Power Wellies for Glastonbury

Wellington boots are the best thing ever for splashing around in mud. Now a hi-tech wellie which charges a mobile phone has been launched for this summer’s Glastonbury Festival. The Blog had to read the press release through a couple of times to be sure it wasn’t a spoof:   “The Orange Power Wellies, created […]

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Springtime for Chemicals

I’ve been away for a few days of well-timed holiday, basking in the sun of the long-awaited English spring. Meanwhile, a few chemical-related headlines caught my eye …   Chemicals on the iPad I can’t wait to see this. The Times reviewer of the iPad writes: “My favourite app … is The Elements for iPad, […]

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Slow Chemical – sung by Spongebob

SAN ANTONIO (Chemicals Confidential)–I’ve just come across a video version of the song “Slow Chemical” sung by cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants. The song by the Canadian rock group, Finger Eleven, has also been adopted by WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) wrestler, Kane, but that video is a bit bloody for a corporate Blog. If you want […]

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