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Find chemistry with other singles – New Scientist Connect

Online dating with New Scientist Connect – “find chemistry with other singles here” – has just been launched to bring like-minded people together, according to today’s New Scientist newsletter.   “Whether you’re looking for love, or just to meet someone on the same wavelength, no matter where you are in the world,” the message continues, […]

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The sound of hydrogen

Those of us with a passing interest in hydrocarbons might be interested in this little animation on the New Scientist website: “The sound of hydrogen.”   It is one of a series of one-minute animated films explaining basic scientific concepts, which I was lured into this morning by the tempting title “One-Minute Physics – How […]

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The secrets in your mobile phone

Your mobile phone or Blackberry knows everything about you – your friends, your movements, your location, the entire history of your communications – and with just a little bit of encouragement, is prepared to reveal it all.   There are already companies which specialise in cellphone forensic analysis for police forces, private companies and individuals […]

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Why unauthorised email use will make your feet hurt

From the number of forwarded emails the Blog receives, I think it’s fair to assume that no-one reads the disclaimers at the bottom of emails. There’s a report of a novel disclaimer entitled “We will shrink your shoes” in today’s New Scientist. FINALLY, disclaimers at the bottom of emails sometimes threaten those who make unauthorised use of […]

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Cleaning up oil from tar sands – New Scientist

There’s a good article in this week’s New Scientist on “Can Oil from Tar Sands be Cleaned Up?” The answer it seems is yes.   “Canadian tar sands contain an estimated 170 billion barrels of recoverable oil, second only to Saudi Arabia’s reserves, (and they) … dig up the tarry bitumen in gigantic open pit […]

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Thanks for the Memories

Worried that you can’t remember where you filed that email? Finding it hard to match names to faces at conferences, and lost without name badges?   This week’s New Scientist has a comfortingly upbeat article on ”The five ages of the brain:” gestation, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age.   Skipping straight to adulthood, we find that … […]

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More Rainy Weekends

It’s no comfort in this washout summer to read that it’s more likely to rain at weekends than in the week. Apparently man-made pollution during the week helps form clouds, resulting in extra rain at the weekends in summer, according to this article today in New Scientist. Researchers in Barcelona took 40 years of weather data and found that although the rain in Spain falls mainly at the weekend in summer, it is the other way round in winter.

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At last something interesting about white spirit

The spot market for white spirit moves about once a month, so ICIS pricing reporters do not consider covering this market very exciting. Only now a reader of the New Scientist blog has inspired quite a debate because he has discovered a new use for white spirit: to attract flies. Blog readers who are keen […]

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