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Evidence of caveman chemistry

South Africa’s Blombos Cave has revealed early paint and adhesive production, according to a report published on Thursday in the journal Science and picked up by the New York Times.   Cavemen used stones to pound and grind earth containing a kind of iron oxide to a powder, known as ochre. This was then blended […]

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Packing a laptop for NPRA?

Is it worth packing a laptop to go to a conference like NPRA? Can’t a Blackberry do everything you want while you’re on the move? The extra weight in carry-on luggage and the nuisance of unpacking a laptop for security checks make it an extremely undesirable travelling companion, but if you’re going to be writing […]

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dry cleaning bags dokdo island.jpg

Using New York plastic bags to promote a manifesto

New Yorkers carrying home their dry cleaning draped in plastic bags have found a picture of an island in an ocean, together with a manifesto.   “Dokdo Island is Korean territory,” is the slogan being promoted by the 3,000 Korean-owned drycleaners in the city, according to this article in the New York Times today.

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Bernie Madoff jokes

The petrochemical industry may be divided about the bailouts to banks and the car industry, but they are solidly of one voice on the subject of Bernie Madoff, the Ponzi swindler due in court on Thursday and expected to plead guilty. He is facing a 150-year jail sentence.   In gleeful anticipation of the speedy triumph […]

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Even more bad news for plastics makers!

Ed Cox of ICIS Heren, travelling in India, sends this piece for the Blog …   Check out this photo from a rather remote part of India. I snapped this in Sikkim, a stone’s throw from Nepal and Bhutan. Stunning place and very environmentally aware. On the same day the New York Times was reporting […]

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