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Dan Smith, ex-LyondellBasell speaker at NECA Xmas Luncheon

Dan Smith, former Chief Executive Officer at LyondellBasell Industries will be the keynote speaker at the Northeast Chemical Association (NECA) Xmas Luncheon.   The event will be held as always at the Pierre Hotel in New York, on Friday 10 December.   Tickets for the Luncheon are a snip at $250 a head, which the […]

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By taxi to ICB in New York

My fellow ICIS blogger Simon Robinson has just returned from a week in the ICIS Chemical Business (ICB) office in New York, and is feeling that he has a lot to get off his chest. Here is a heavily expurgated version of his experiences with New York taxi cabs …   Being yellow on the […]

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MOVES – Kilkeary and Jones of Blue Ocean set up in Houston

Kevin Kilkeary and Alan Jones of Blue Ocean Brokerage have opened an office in Houston, my colleague Ryan Hickman wrote in this article on 14 July in ICIS news.   They began brokering US Gulf aromatics, gasoline components and naphtha from Houston on 19 July, they told him.

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ICIS Training in New York

ICIS Training moved to New York on Friday. Here the training roadshow is in full swing in the ICB offices on Park Avenue South.   “They’re doing a new exercise where they build petrochemical chains using cards (placing cards on their heads is not part of the exercise though,)” explains trainer Peter Taffe.   “Delegates at […]

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Ping Pong Balls of Fury

Balls of Fury is one of the worst films the Blog has ever seen. Like every other sports-themed film it’s about a past champion gone to seed who makes a miraculous return to form.   It’s a slapstick comedy only it’s not funny and it’s way too long, which is a pity because table tennis […]

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Barbie in a Mad Men World

Barbie has long been a favourite Blog petrochemical toy. Now Mattel has announced that it will release a new set of Mad Men Barbie Collector dolls in July, immortalizing in plastic the gorgeous and stylish characters of Don and Betty Draper, Roger Sterling and Joan Holloway, according to an article in the New York Times. […]

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Top 6 Cities trump New York

I’m off to Amsterdam today for the Aromatics Conference. Why Amsterdam again? Because even in boom business times, and these are not they, conference-going chemical types like to look as if they’re on a business trip, and not as if they’re off to the beach. If we set a conference in the Bahamas or Phuket, […]

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Yankees win – ugh!

Picture his despair when Joe Chang, a die-hard New York Mets fan – who did NOT want to see the New York Yankees win the World Series – got to his desk the morning following their triumph to find it covered in Yankees logos.   His mournful cry of “Noooo!!!” chilled the bones of all […]

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The Pierre braces itself for NECA

Chemical folk who were worrying that the NECA Winter Meeting at the Pierre in New York just wasn’t glamorous enough, will be relieved to read that the hotel has just undergone a $100 million renovation of its rooms and public areas, under its new owners the Taj hotel group, according to a snippet which the Blog […]

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No flip-flops at the New York Stock Exchange

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has a dress code where women need to wear a long sleeve jacket only if they are wearing full length slacks (trousers), according to an advisory note sent to the Blog’s New York colleagues to prepare them for a visit.   And further to the Blog’s fascination with what […]

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