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Charlie Gibson announced as NPRA Luncheon speaker

NPRA has announced on its website that the speaker at the International Petrochemical Luncheon will be Charles “Charlie” Gibson, Former ABC World News anchor and co-anchor of Good Morning America.   NPRA’s International Petrochemical Conference is less than five weeks away, on 28-30 March 2010 at the Grand Hyatt hotel in San Antonio, Texas. The […]

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William S Cohen, former US Secretary of Defence to speak at NPRA 2010

William S Cohen, former US Secretary of Defence is to speak at this year’s NPRA International Petrochemical Conference, San Antonio, 28-30 March 2010, the NPRA announced in an email to members on 6 January:   “A much sought-after expert on defense (sic), economic, and international issues, Secretary Cohen offers a prospective and revealing examination of […]

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MISS NPRA pageant 2010

The Blog was thrilled to see that applications for the 2010 MISS NPRA Pageant will be closing imminently on 1 August 2009.   It is also a pleasure to see what good work this year’s MISS NPRA has been doing.   Eagle-eyed readers who click through to the website will see that all is not as it first […]

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G8 Summit First Ladies visit Vatican Gardens July 2009 photo Rex.jpg

The conference spouse’s programme – is this the end?

Spouses’ programmes at conferences have always been a bit of a mystery to the Blog. In these times of reduced travel budgets and lower attendance at conferences, it is hard to believe that companies are still prepared to pay for delegates to take their partners along too.   And yet from the number of wives […]

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Exploding cocktails – it’s all in the chemicals

Explosive drinks were all the rage at NPRA this year. Predrag was the first to tell me about the obscenely named cocktails at the “Howl at the Moon” bar on the Riverwalk, where shots glasses of spirits (whiskey, tequila, vodka, bourbon) were dropped into glasses of beer so that the contents exploded into a white […]

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NPRA - San Antonio Smart Car 1.JPG

Smart Car prize at distributor NPRA cocktail party

The Blog is very impressed to hear that one US distributor held a prize draw of a gorgeous red Passion Coupe Smart Car at its NPRA cocktail party. Why don’t I get invited to parties like that?   US Chemicals LLC, a chemical distributor based in New Canaan, Connecticut, presented the prize to a lucky man from […]

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The “All About ICIS” video – now showing on YouTube

By popular demand, here’s the ICIS video that was showing in the ICIS suite at NPRA last week – no voiceover, just music, tinkling away in the background for three days …    

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spring daffodils in st james

Chemical Rites of Spring

In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. Mine however turn to eating in the garden, so I inveigle my student son into digging out weeds while I do more strategic things with the secateurs. The garden furniture is swabbed down with sudsy chemicals, and the green plastic wheelie-bin is full of […]

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Video testimonial to ICIS pricing reports

I’ve just seen this enthusiastic testimonial to ICIS pricing reports from Pete Harrison of DPL Services, which Justine filmed during last week’s NPRA conference in San Antonio.   Says Justine, “I met these great Canadian ICIS pricing customers at NPRA in San Antonio – Pete kindly agreed to give us a testimonial.”    

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ICIS at NPRA 2009

My colleague Stephen Burns, managing editor of ICIS Houston, has compiled a short video of some of the conference activity in the ICIS suite and beyond, on the sidelines of the 2009 NPRA conference in San Antonio. 

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