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Cell phones linked to lower sperm count

Are you setting off to NPRA with yours clipped to your ear, slung on your hip or tucked away in your jack sack? Do you take part in the synchronised switching on of cell phones as soon as your plane has landed? Does your cell phone accompany you to the bathroom and bedroom, and vibrate comfortingly throughout every meeting?… new research shows that male heavy cell phone use is linked to significantly lower sperm counts.

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Trunk Monkey in demand for NPRA drive

Are you booking your hire car for the long drive from Houston to San Antonio, Texas for the NPRA chemicals conference at the end of March? Be sure to request this added security feature, the “Trunk Monkey”, as recommended today by our fellow bloggers at the Made by Monkeys blog. (Disclaimer: The Blog in no way endorses violent conflict resolution.)

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Bad press for techies

So it’s official: techies are out of shape and never take any exercise. Our techie colleagues on this Electronics Weekly blog have come across a medical report released today which says that the technology and IT sectors have an “unappetising set of diet and lifestyle statistics”. I can speak as an honorary techie, after I […]

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Poppies and petrochemicals

I do some of my best thinking in the car. Not on the slow early morning drive through the suburbs of south-west London to the ICIS offices, but on long distance journeys like the one we did this weekend, taking our son to start his university in life in Exeter, a cathedral city about three […]

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