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BP – from British to Bolshoi to Bolshevik

BP’s deal with Rosneft, the Russian state oil company, has come in for a predictable backlash in the US. The company which was regularly referred to during the US Gulf Macondo disaster as “British Petroleum” is now being called “Bolshoi Petroleum.”   In Saturday’s papers, the US press was quoted calling BP “Bolshevik Petroleum.” And […]

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Old BP board game uncovered

An old board game called BP Offshore Oil Strike from the early 1970s has been uncovered at a UK toy museum, and is getting lots of coverage on news websites like Metro for its “eerie foreshadowing of the current oil disaster.”   In fact, it’s a board game along the lines of Monopoly or Risk, where players […]

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Movable Oil Spill – “If It Was My Home”

There’s a website where you can move the Gulf oil spill around the world, so that you can visualise the size of it over a part of the world you recognise. The Times yesterday had it over the whole of southeast England. Here it is over Paris. The website is called “If It Was My […]

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BP Oil Slick Inspires Tar Ball Shot Cocktail

A bartender in Grand Isle, Louisiana took inspiration from the BP oil slick in the US Gulf to come up with the new Tar Ball Shot cocktail – one part Jagermeister and one part grape Jell-O – and at $2 a shot, it’s the most popular drink on the island.   Jamie Ganucheau, bartender at […]

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BP calls Kevin Costner to clean up oil spill

Kevin Costner, star of Waterworld and other epics, has been called in by BP to help clean up the oil disaster in the US Gulf. Costner has patented a stainless steel device called the Ocean Therapy which cleans oil from tainted seawater. The actor has spent 15 years and $26m on developing the machine which […]

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Australian Satire on Oil Spill

A comedy sketch of a politician being interviewed about an oil spill is going around on Thursday. It’s from an Australian satirical TV show in 2007. It’s a bit too long for my taste, but still pretty funny.  

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Nylon pantyhose donated to Gulf oil spill clean-up

You couldn’t make it up. A pantyhose (tights, nylons) manufacturer has donated thousands of pairs of pantyhose to help clean up the BP oil spill in the US Gulf.   Hanesbrands is donating 37,500 pairs of pantyhose to Matter of Trust, a non-profit manufacturer of matting, and another 12,500 pairs to Sunshine and Shores Foundation, to […]

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BP oil disaster – chemicals to the rescue

Reading day after day about the devastation caused by the BP oil spill in the US Gulf, am I the only chemical obsessive wondering what “dispersants” these are, being used on the oil slick, and what “detergents” these are, being use to clean up the seabirds?   Maybe there’s an idea for a Mr Nice/Mr […]

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