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VIDEO: US ethanol leader blames crude oil imports for war

While I was freezing in the snows of Amsterdam, our Houston ethanol team was enjoying the sunshine in Orlando, Florida, and sending back some spectacular video footage of the passions unleashed by the renewable fuels debate.   A customised email alert from ICIS news came through on my blackberry on the way home from Amsterdam […]

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Peak Oil will be $150-200/barrel in next 5 years – Arup

Oil will peak at $150-200/barrel in the next five years, said John Miles, global leader for energy resources and industry at consulting engineers Arup, on BBC Radio 4′s Today programme this morning.   Representing the findings of a group of business leaders calling for urgent action to prepare the UK for peak oil, he claimed […]

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Lukoil party at APPEC Singapore

The APPEC conference in Singapore last week had some spectacular social events every night, Christine tells me today on her return to London. At the Lukoil party, guests had their photos taken and were given souvenir postcards to take away. Here the ICIS team is captured hard at work on Russian/Singaporean détente – clockwise from […]

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Dubai hosts Women In Leadership

The Women in Leadership Forum (WILForum) in Dubai yesterday awarded its Achievement Award in Energy to the CEO of Kuwait Oil Company, delegates reported as they returned to their offices. The Forum was held under the patronage of HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein (pictured).     Olefins trader Gina Fyffe of Integra was among those […]

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Top Chemical Adverts No.8 – Total Upside-Down Ship

There is a rather cerebral advert for Total in the papers today, connecting a half-built pipeline in the desert to a lone oil tanker sailing across a moody seascape. The picture is only really intelligible if you turn the page upside down, playing on the idea of exploration Down Under (Australia) as well as in the […]

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Rotterdam is full

Rotterdam‘s chemical storage tanks were already full at the beginning of the year, a Vopak executive told me at the ICIS Baseoils conference in February, and now Europe‘s largest port is running out of space to store crude oil.   Plunging demand for fuel is triggering a growing global supply glut, and Rotterdam‘s storage capacity […]

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Cleaning up oil from tar sands – New Scientist

There’s a good article in this week’s New Scientist on “Can Oil from Tar Sands be Cleaned Up?” The answer it seems is yes.   “Canadian tar sands contain an estimated 170 billion barrels of recoverable oil, second only to Saudi Arabia’s reserves, (and they) … dig up the tarry bitumen in gigantic open pit […]

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Blood and oil – it’s all art

A Russian artist whose exhibits are made of oil and blood is opening in an exhibition in London later this month. Andrei Molodkin’s first British solo show, “Liquid Modernity (Grid and Greed)” has pieces pumped full of oil, but it is the blood which is drawing the most attention.  

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Top Chemical Adverts No. 6 – BP at Heathrow

I’ve just seen these BP billboard ads all over London‘s Heathrow airport.   Click here to view the campaign.   It seems that the campaign has also won Greenpeace’s Emerald Paintbrush Award, and that Greenpeace has created its own spoof advert:  

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Nasty and brutish – a broker’s life

This excessively rude film clip gives the flavour of an oil broker’s life, according to my colleague Linda.    (Disclaimer: ICIS would like to make it clear that it does not condone the mean treatment of brokers, regardless of whether they are oil or chemical brokers.)

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