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Aldisierung = Walmart Effect

Aldi, the low-priced supermarket range,has inspired an “I love Aldi” exhibition including puppets made out of recycledplastic packaging at a German art museum, according to an article in the Timestoday. The exhibition, at the Wilhelm HackMuseum in BASF’s home town of Ludwigshafen-am-Rhein, features art made out offood and plastics packaging, including the puppets made out […]

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Give your dog Petrol

Rexam’s annual report has excited some interest in the office today, with the discovery deep in the report of innovative packaging solutions for the world’s first foam liqueur, and even better: “a delicious dog treat beverage.”     First for the foam liqueur, advertised for cocktails as well as after dinner moments. The Rexam report […]

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Milk dispensers pose threat to plastic bottles

Milk could soon be sold from supermarket dispensers instead of plastic bottles, according to refill technology manufacturer Eziserv quoted in this week’s issue of The Grocer.   Eziserv, which supplied refill technology to UK supermarket chain Asda in a trial for dispensing detergents, has been in discussions about modifying the same system to dispense milk. […]

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Volvic sugarcane waste PET bottle

Paying for bottled water in a country where the tapwater is perfectly drinkable still makes the Blog grind its teeth in irritation. So for UK folk who insist on carrying water around in case they expire from dehydration while out on a stroll in our cool and rainy climate, there is good news that Volvic […]

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Tupperware plastics demand boost from drag act

Tupperware’s top North American saleswoman is a fabulous blonde drag queen, performing as Miss Dee W Ieye, who sells so many plastic storage products in her raunchy parties that she has beaten all competition for the fourth consecutive year.   Actor Kevin Farrell does a 50-minute routine, for a minimum of 30 people at each […]

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Plastics on Holiday – Scrumpy

Scrumpy is a noxious apple-based alcoholic drink which underpins the shaky economies of Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall in England‘s West Country. On a rain-soaked August morning, we find ourselves running for cover into a remote distillery which is warm and welcoming and full of the comforting aromas of apples and alcohol.   The scrumpy […]

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Heinz Beanz move to plastic jar

Heinz Beanz is launching its Fridge Pack, a plastic jar which contains as much baked beans as two and a half cans and is resealable, so that it can be stored in the fridge for up to five days, according to an article in the 31 July issue of The Grocer.   Heinz is forecasting […]

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Tetra Pak heiress eyes Granta literary windfall

Granta, the most influential English-language literary magazine, owned by Sigrid Rausing, heiress to plastic packaging giant Tetra Pak, will open an online archive this week of more than 30 years of new writing, according to an article today in guardian.co.uk.   The quarterly journal, more like a slim paperback book than a magazine, featured writing […]

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House built from recycled plastic

It’s now possible to build a whole house from recycled waste plastic and minerals, according to this article spotted by Linda Naylor in today’s Plastics & Rubber Weekly.   Construction of the affordable low carbon homes is from packaging and manufacturing waste, and each house consumes around 18 tonnes of waste material.   The technology […]

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Pencil sized plastic bags of milk

A battle is raging in the august columns of the Times today about the benefits of those little pencil-sized plastic bags of milk which are served with coffee on trains, planes and in cafeterias, versus those of the tiny plastic pots of milk which were previously ubiquitous.   Columnist and former Conservative MP Matthew Parris […]

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