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All the gossip from Aromatics Conference 2011

The gossip at conferences usually comes down to: 1)     Who’s in? 2)     Who’s out? 3)     Who’s moved where?   With optional extras: weather, travel, children and who’s got the best hotel rooms.   The Aromatics Conference was a good opportunity to meet some of the new faces in the business – new companies, and new […]

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On Vince Cable, Zac Goldsmith and the attractions of doom-mongering

I’ve just read ”The Great Disappointment follows the Great Recession“ by Paul Hodges, the Vince Cable of the chemical industry. It certainly brought me down to earth after yesterday’s excitement.   Not that there’s anything wrong with Vince Cable, who happens to be my local MP and is roundly adored by all his constituents. Returned with 54% […]

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Budgeting for a New Normal: Hodges

I’ve just seen that thousands of readers have downloaded my fellow blogger Paul Hodges’ white paper Budgeting for a New Normal. This triumph has brought in a lot of new readers to the ICIS blogs, and I congratulate Paul on his success. Click through to his blog to download it free.

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Chemical bloggers frolicking in the snow

Having sat in traffic for two-and-a-half hours due to heavy snow in London this morning, I am happy to see photos of my fellow chemical bloggers frolicking in the snow, no doubt over the weekend.   Paul Hodges of the “Chemicals and the Economy” Blog toboganning on Hampstead Heath, and click here for Will Beacham of “Looking […]

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Late night Chemicals and the Economy

Economic guru Paul Hodges would never be so vain as to put a photo of himself on his esteemed blog. So for readers who occasionally flip across to Chemicals and the Economy and were concerned that they were taking economic advice from a cartoon character, here he is at the EPCA opening reception, deep in discussion about […]

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Wood Mackenzie staff in the money

Wood Mackenzie, the energy consultancy and long-term supporter of the ICIS Aromatics Conference, was sold yesterday for £533 million, in a deal whereby 100 of the company’s staff share a total payout of about £100 million.   The Blog was delighted to hear only this week that Wood Mac’s Matthew Chadwick, managing consultant of its […]

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A forecasting joke

My friend Paul Hodges was here in the office on Friday and showed me a shocking slide from a presentation which a well-known chemicals consultancy had given at an industry briefing in June 2008, showing peak oil continuing for years to come and hence high chemical plant operating rates and high profitability. As we all […]

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The Blog goes Mainstream

After building up a strong cult following, the Blog has given in to popular pressure and gone mainstream. Now the Blog will be for everyone, and not just for those who had received the much coveted private invitation to view. You can now find your way to ICIS-Chemicals-Confidential through the www.icis.com website by clicking on […]

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