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Coca-Cola moves massively into rPET

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) will include 25% of recycled PET in its bottles by 2012, and is investing £5m in a jv plant with recyclers ECO Plastics in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire in the UK.   The 10-year joint venture will double the amount of polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) recycled in the UK to 75,000 tonnes/year, in time for […]

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PET bottles banned on Aussie university campus

PET bottles are banned from sale on the campus of Australia‘s University of Canberra (UC), according to this article spotted by Nigel in today’s Plastics News.   He was rather taken by the striking headline: “Strewth Bruce! Aussie university bans PET bottles,” which was a cunning pun on the fact that the UC is in […]

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How to lose that post-EPCA weight, by Caroline Murray

Caroline Murray, senior editor at ICIS, has returned from the GSI PET Day in Florence with this tale to tell …   I know when I have had a good networking session at EPCA when I am forced to add ‘hold belly in for donning of suit’ to the to-do list. As if ‘maintain appearance […]

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Terrorist link to bottled water

Seeing a Baader-Meinhof terrorist entering court clutching a PET bottle, in a photo in today’s Independent, reminded the Blog that carrying a plastic bottle around all day has one key advantage: protection from malicious poisoning.   No doubt Ms Verena Becker, formerly of the Red Army Faction (which started as the Baader-Meinhof gang), chose to […]

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Volvic sugarcane waste PET bottle

Paying for bottled water in a country where the tapwater is perfectly drinkable still makes the Blog grind its teeth in irritation. So for UK folk who insist on carrying water around in case they expire from dehydration while out on a stroll in our cool and rainy climate, there is good news that Volvic […]

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ICIS starts reporting from Dubai

ICIS has its first Dubai-based reporter in Yuo Guo, who moved there from our Singapore office two weeks ago and will be taking over the PVC and Solvents Middle East pricing reports in addition to her current Asian reports such as PET and OX.   “We hope to strengthen our pricing and news coverage from […]

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Crossing the Pacific in a Boat Made From Plastic Bottles

A boat made entirely from plastic bottles and recycled waste products is to set sail from San Francisco to Sydney, on a 12,000 nautical mile journey to study the marine environment, according to this article which Blog reader Judith B came across via CNN on Wednesday.   The Plastiki Expedition in April 2010 will include four […]

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From Berlin to Florence

Caroline Howard reflects on this week’s PET conference in Florence ….   The warm October sunshine is the first thing to hit me on landing at Florence airport. I am at the Global Service International (GSI) PET customer day which is being held in a stately home in the town of Artimino.   Set in […]

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Artenius UK PTA closure – redundancies

A poignant farewell email from one of the many former employees of Artenius UK‘s PTA business was waiting in the Blog inbox on my return from a few days away.   It said …”Of the 240 people employed by Artenius UK, those involved in the PET business face an uncertain 2 weeks keeping things going […]

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Chemicals industry marks role in Moon landing

The science of chemistry and the chemical industry supplied many of the materials that made the Apollo 11 mission and, indeed, all space flight, possible – read all about it in this fascinating Insight piece by ICIS editors Nigel Davis, Ben DuBose and Joe Kamalick.   In a roll call of the big chemicals of […]

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