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More Picturesque Petrol Pumps #2 – the Modernists

I thought this series would be about scenic locations for petrol stations, but now I see that there is a whole school of thinking which views the station itself as a thing of beauty.   Only in America – the Top 15 Modernist Gas Stations on oobject.com.

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Picturesque Petrol Pumps #1

In a new series of Most Picturesque Petrol Stations (gas stations) of the World, this one on the Istrian coast must be a strong contender. On the shores of the Adriatic, with a backdrop of pines, an old red-roofed hill-side village and the Croatian mountains, it’s going to be hard to beat.    

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BP out of gas joke

Most of the humour going around this week is either off-topic (the England football team, the missing cat) or unsuitable for publication in a corporate blog (plenty of online jibes about the Gulf oil slick), so thanks to Janet for a oil-and-gas related joke from a more benign time …   Click here for “Out […]

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BP’s Tony Hayward predicts crude oil prices

BP’s chief executive Tony Hayward was on BBC Radio 4′s Today programme this morning as I drove through Worcester Park. Apparently he doesn’t often give interviews, so he was given a long slot in which he talked about the need to take global warming seriously, how he was in favour of offshore wind farms, and […]

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True confessions: Julia is a 4×4 driver

However, I am a 4×4 driver. Actually, I’m now a non-4×4 driver since the cost of driving has become astronomical.
A Mercedes ML 320 is good-looking beast, drives like a dream and is safe and comfy for my three small children and me.
I can fit all the food shopping in, plus scooters, bikes, buggies, roller blades, and even the husband from time to time. But with the price of gasoline today, even the shortest of journeys has become incredibly costly.

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