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Springtime for Chemicals

I’ve been away for a few days of well-timed holiday, basking in the sun of the long-awaited English spring. Meanwhile, a few chemical-related headlines caught my eye …   Chemicals on the iPad I can’t wait to see this. The Times reviewer of the iPad writes: “My favourite app … is The Elements for iPad, […]

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PHOTOS: NPRA 2010 in colour

1 ICIS staff hard at work filing news on Sunday morning at NPRA 2010. 2 Welcome Party on Sunday evening at NPRA: (left to right: Heather, William, Ryan, Truong, Nel.)

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Flaming torches and pitch forks on ICIS news

I love Linda’s Top Story on ICIS news today, which has a great quote from one of her polypropylene contacts: “People are begging me for PP,” said a UK-based trader. “It’s like the end of the film Frankenstein, when the villagers come up to the castle with flaming torches and pitch forks – but all […]

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Amsterdam Training Feb 201010.jpg

PHOTOS: Amsterdam ICIS Training

Photos from ICIS Training days, Amsterdam, 15 and 16 February 2010. 1 Nigel writing hot ICIS news article on Yara buying Terra, 8.00 Monday morning. 2 and 3 Hard at work in the Monday afternoon workshop sessions. 4 Trainers Peter T and Alastair Hensman conferring before Tuesday morning session. 5 Snow on Tuesday morning, from hotel […]

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PHOTOS: Official EPCA 2009 Berlin photos

At last, the official EPCA photos we were all looking forward to. EPCA posted them on the website on Wednesday, where delegates are able to download them by using their conference username and password. A few selected highlights have been chosen for the Blog’s readers (photos copyright EPCA).    

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It’s a Plastic Life

Photographer Vincent Bousserez has made a series of exquisite pictures of tiny plastic folk in giant landscapes. The collection has achieved a mass following, and his photographs sell for up to £1,800, according to an article in today’s Metro.    

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Plant 1 Eastman plant in Malaysia.jpg

Fabulous chemical plant photos

  Artistic photos of chemical plant are hidden away in this corner of the ICIS Connect forum, where photographers have uploaded some of their most spectacular shots.   The Blog has followed the trail which leads to group of 37 member photographers on Flickr with a collection of 96 dramatic and stylish photos of chemical plant, taken […]

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New Kim Jong Il photo at Chemical Plant

A new photo of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Il, visiting the Namheung Youth Chemical Factory in Anju, north of Pyongyang, was released on Friday by the country’s official news agency. The agency did not state when the photo was taken. (photo Yahoo News)

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Recycled plastic balls

Nice picture in the TimesOnline Photo Gallery today, under Pictures of the Day: “A vendor pulls a handcart carrying balls made from recycled plastic along a street in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad.” (photo Amit Dave/Reuters, TimesOnline)

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Hundreds of ships idling in the misty Strait of Malacca

The Blog’s eye is drawn this morning to a very atmospheric photo on the front page of today’s International Herald Tribune showing some of the hundreds of ships – “more than the 130-ship Spanish Armada” - in the Strait of Malacca between Indonesia and Singapore, where they are waiting for jobs during the slowdown.  

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