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The sound of hydrogen

Those of us with a passing interest in hydrocarbons might be interested in this little animation on the New Scientist website: “The sound of hydrogen.”   It is one of a series of one-minute animated films explaining basic scientific concepts, which I was lured into this morning by the tempting title “One-Minute Physics – How […]

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Chemistry – a brand problem but all the beauty in the world

A blue plaque celebrating the life and work of the Nobel prize-winning chemist Sir William Ramsay was unveiled in London’s Notting Hill on Wednesday, as part of a series of events marking the International Year of Chemistry, I heard on Radio 4′s Today programme as I drove to work in the morning. Hugh Aldersey-Williams, writer […]

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BOOKS: Solar by Ian McEwan

Last week I met someone by the name of Chandrasekhar in a meeting about publishing technology. The name was familiar, I said, thinking maybe it was someone I had met in business, or someone from school.   “It is the Indian Smith,” he said. “But it is also the name of the only Indian winner […]

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On Brunch and Brinner

It is the start of the university tem and the Blog and son are on the long drive west with a car full of electronics, physics text books and enough clean clothes for three months.   Exams start on Tuesday so we’ve had an end-year break of admirable studiousness. There has been a lot of […]

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On Afghan taxi drivers

Even taxi firms have CRM systems now, I am impressed to find when I have to call my number two local firm because my usual one can’t oblige. They have caller ID, call me by name, remember my address and when I get into the car, the driver asks if I would like to listen […]

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ICIS Children say Yes to Physics

There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the UK about the lack of students taking sciences, particularly physics. But ICIS offspring are bucking the trend in a truly cavalier fashion. After this summer’s exam successes, we have a total haul of FOUR physics students amongst ICIS children. We have the son of ICIS Houston’s Allison F studying in Colorado, and here in England, the son of ICIS boss Jim M, and the Blog’s own son and Number One Niece. I must ask all these clever teenagers what the statistical probability of that is.

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