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UK Business Secretary volunteers for Shooting Star CHASE

One thing you can say about plastic bags is that they are goodfor advertising a message. In a campaign to encourage volunteering, the UK’sbusiness secretary Vince Cable was photographed modelling this charity plasticbag while volunteering on Friday the 13th January in a hospicecharity shop in west London, according to the Shooting Star Chase websitetoday.

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What’s your plastic bag IQ?

When even the GPCA is calling for the re-use of plastic bags, andreplacing thin single-use bags with thicker and stronger bags, there are notmany voices raised in favour of lightweight plastic bags.  One plastic bagmanufacturer and recycler has posted a catchingly titled video “What’s YourPlastic Bag IQ” to get across its points about the value […]

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Vast island of plastic floats in mid-Pacific

A revolting mass of six million tonnes of discarded plastic is spinning slowly on its own axis in a patch of the northeastern Pacific, roughly twice the size of Texas, according to the leader and a two-page article in Saturday’s Times.   Now Project Kasei, a mission to map and explore its extent will depart […]

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Using New York plastic bags to promote a manifesto

New Yorkers carrying home their dry cleaning draped in plastic bags have found a picture of an island in an ocean, together with a manifesto.   “Dokdo Island is Korean territory,” is the slogan being promoted by the 3,000 Korean-owned drycleaners in the city, according to this article in the New York Times today.

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