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Miss Plastic 2010

The beauty pageant for the title Miss Plastic 2010 sounds like something that is open to employees of polymer manufacturers, rather like Miss Atom in the Russian nuclear industry, but is in fact for surgically enhanced ladies.   The contest is held where else but in Budapest, Hungary, which will come as no surprise to […]

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Plastics on Holiday – Scrumpy

Scrumpy is a noxious apple-based alcoholic drink which underpins the shaky economies of Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall in England‘s West Country. On a rain-soaked August morning, we find ourselves running for cover into a remote distillery which is warm and welcoming and full of the comforting aromas of apples and alcohol.   The scrumpy […]

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Plastic Bertrand Lip Synching Story

Plastic Bertrand was not the singer on his hit single Ca Plane Pour Moi, it has emerged in a Belgian court case.   An expert linguist compared the 1977 punk hit to Plastic’s 2006 cover version, and decided it was the same voice on both, according to this article on the BBC – about a […]

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Lego Star Wars Imperial Shuttle

The Lego Star Wars Imperial Shuttle is coming out this September, and I can’t believe that the new Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story 3 is set to be this year’s must-have toy when this new 2,504-piece fantasy in ABS will be in the shops for a mere $260.   I’m impressed that the Imperial Shuttle […]

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Top 20 Chemical Songs 2010

Here we are, the new 2010 update of all-time-favourite Top Chemical Songs – all contributions gratefully received …   1 Anything by “The Chemical Brothers” or “My Chemical Romance” 2 Anything by “The Vaselines” 3 “The Plastic Ono Band” 4 Ethylene – John Hiatt 5 Slow Chemical – Spongebob cover version of Finger Eleven original […]

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Happy Birthday Legoland

The original Legoland in Denmark celebrated its 42nd anniversary yesterday, according to this article on wired.com, spotted by regular my fellow blogger and regular Wired reader Paul Hodges.   Despite the thrills and spills of the themepark rides at this and other Legolands around the world, it seems that it is still the panoramas of […]

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Plastic Folding Plug wins Design of the Year

A revolutionary plastic folding plug has been named Design of the Year, beating nearly 100 other entries in a competition run by the UK‘s Design Museum, and reported on its website yesterday. Its inventor is Min-Kyu Choi, 29, who developed it while he was a student at the Royal College of Art. It transforms itself […]

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Favourite Plastic Gadget – Pineapple Corer

With the pineapple import season in full swing in the UK, and central American pineapples everywhere on special offer (two for £2), you can dazzle your guests with this crazy pineapple coring gadget which produces a spiral of perfect pineapple without the outer spikes and the fibrous core.   I didn’t know such a thing […]

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Plastic Fantastic – The Lego Kitchen

I might have believed that two French designers were so enamoured of Lego that they chose it to construct a kitchen island unit in their Parisian apartment, described in gushing detail in a five-page article in the Style section of Saturday’s Times Magazine (sorry, links not working).   I might have believed it until I […]

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Raincoats From Potatoes

  Still on the plastic fashion theme, now you can have a stylish hooded poncho made from recycled potatoes. When you’re finished with it, you simply bury it in the ground and seeds contained in the fabric will grow into a new plant, according to an article in yesterday’s Austrian Times. The potato seeds are […]

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