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Plastic water bottle Bobble selling like hot cakes

No sooner had the Blog finished cackling at the idea that there might be something green about buying bottled water, than another environmentally-friendly water-related plastics marketing genius hits the headlines.   The makers of Bobble – a reusable bottle – claim it can filter tap water to a purity that rivals mineral water. It has been launched in […]

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Volvic sugarcane waste PET bottle

Paying for bottled water in a country where the tapwater is perfectly drinkable still makes the Blog grind its teeth in irritation. So for UK folk who insist on carrying water around in case they expire from dehydration while out on a stroll in our cool and rainy climate, there is good news that Volvic […]

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tupperware drag queen dee w ieye.jpg

Tupperware plastics demand boost from drag act

Tupperware’s top North American saleswoman is a fabulous blonde drag queen, performing as Miss Dee W Ieye, who sells so many plastic storage products in her raunchy parties that she has beaten all competition for the fourth consecutive year.   Actor Kevin Farrell does a 50-minute routine, for a minimum of 30 people at each […]

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Plasticity at London’s Science Museum

Inspired by the ICIS Training “Beginner’s Course in Petrochemicals,” which recommended a visit to London’s Science Museum exhibition “Plasticity,” our own Helena took her nine year-old nephew for a day of plastics, science and museum café food.   “It’s better than an old fort,” was his acute observation.   Plasticity has exhibits from the history […]

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metro cover.jpg

Plastics and sperm counts in headlines again

Scare stories about chemicals surface at the rate of about one a month, but this front page headline, “Plastic food tubs cut sperm counts,” caught the attention of my colleague Paul in this morning’s Metro.   He particularly liked the proximity of the headline to the photo of the three ageing Hollywood stars.   Skimming […]

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plastiki sydney Sky.jpg

Recycled plastic bottle boat arrives in Sydney

The famous Plastiki expedition across the Pacific in a boat made of recycled plastic has reached its final destination in Sydney, Australia. Since the Blog recorded it setting off from San Francisco in March, it is only fitting that we celebrate its arrival. (photo: Sky)

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Boeing 787 plastic plane debuts at Farnborough

The Farnborough Airshow, which has been on all week and heavily covered by our sister publication Flight, reaches its climax today with the famous Weekend Flying Display. Since Farnborough is to the west of London, the Blog is looking forward to seeing the full flypast from the comfort of a sunlounger in the garden, particularly […]

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recycled island.jpg

Recycled Island – a holiday fantasy

Here’s a crazy idea. Why not take the mass of garbage floating in the mid-Pacific and build a futuristic holiday destination there? Rotterdam-based architects WHIM have put out some artists’ impressions of what a resort built on a floating island of plastic junk and various debris might look like, and have got themselves news coverage […]

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Tetra Pak heiress eyes Granta literary windfall

Granta, the most influential English-language literary magazine, owned by Sigrid Rausing, heiress to plastic packaging giant Tetra Pak, will open an online archive this week of more than 30 years of new writing, according to an article today in guardian.co.uk.   The quarterly journal, more like a slim paperback book than a magazine, featured writing […]

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sabic vuvuzela pic.jpg

SABIC Vuvuzelas

The FIFA World Cup, the London 2012 Olympics and any big sporting event adding to the gaiety of nations can be boom-time for plastics and petrochemicals, the Blog is cheered to hear. Even the Vuvuzela craze has been an unexpected success story. SABIC has kindly sent this celebratory picture of HDPE vuvuzelas branded with the […]

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