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Winter draws on – petrochemical thermal vests

The ski season is upon us, and as I unwrap my new zip-locked foil-packed “Heattech” thermals from Uniqlo, my eye is drawn to the seven unique properties of this new hi-tech brand, of which one is: “HEATTECH fibers contain natural amino acids derived from milk protein which make the material smooth and soft to the […]

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Chemical companies stage free jazz concert in Thailand

Polyester producer Teijin is to stage a free jazz concert in Bangkok on 6 December 2009 starring the famous saxophone player, Koh Mr Saxman, the company announced in a press release today, spotted by my fellow blogger Doris.   The concert is expected to attract two to three thousand people, and will reflect the company’s […]

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Washable business suit made from recycled polyester

My fellow ICIS blogger Doris has a great posting on the new washable men’s business suit made from Teijin’s Eco-A-Wear fabric, on her Green Chemicals blog: “The fabric is composed of 54% recycled polyester, 42% wool and 4% stretched spandex. Teijin’s recycled polyester by the way is made from used polyethylene terephtalate (PET) bottles. According […]

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Polyester holds the moral high ground

If you ever thought that in choosing cotton over polyester you were opting for a natural fabric, read this review from Saturday’s Times of a new and harrowing book about the cotton industry: “Fugitive Denim A Moving Story of People and Pants” (I was sure this must be a misprint, but it really is the title.)

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