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VIDEO: Russian Polymers Summit – November 2011

  The promotional video for the forthcoming second ICIS-MRC Russian Polymers Conference in Moscow in November has some entertaining video footage of Linda and me, dubbed into Russian.   The photos and video are from last year’s event, which had some really good papers and a remarkable level of audience participation.

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Digital inter-active review of K-2010

The Blog has had a sneak preview of five video interviews with industry leaders at K-2010 last week in Dusseldorf. Senior figures from Songwon, Rhodia, Borealis, Bayer Material Science, Clariant and SABIC talk to ICIS about what they were showing at K and their plans for the future.   Each clip, gathered by our video […]

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VIDEO: Live from the ICIS stand at K2010

Experience life on the ICIS stand at the K-fair in Dusseldorf, on the first day of the exhibition. Jamie filmed this slice of life video on Wednesday afternoon, as the ICIS team was hard at work. 

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PHOTOS: K-fair 2010 Dusseldorf

Day One at K2010 in Dusseldorf. The first morning has been crazy busy with all sorts of people dropping by the ICIS stand in Hall 8a – people with lifelong contact with ICIS, people who’ve never heard of us, people who kind of think they’ve heard of us, people who suddenly want to subscribe to […]

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K Special

The K fair comes round once every three years, and I’ve never been before. “You’ll hate it,” a colleague tells me as I’m leaving the office on Monday. It’s huge, it’s noisy, you walk miles to find people, and you’re on your feet all day.   Nevertheless I’m looking forward to it for three main […]

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MORE PHOTOS: ICIS-MRC Russian Polymers in Moscow

Some more photos of last week’s ICIS-MRC Russian Polymers Summit have arrived this afternoon from Svetlana at MRC in Kharkiv. 1 Speakers from Nizhnekamsk (Yevgeniy Tsyganov, Deputy General Director for Commerical Issues) and Lukoil (Alexander Rappoport, Director for Gas and Power Activities and Sales of Petrochemical and Gas Products) 2 Sergei Yaremenko of MRC 3 […]

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Russian Polymers Summit versus Aromatics Conference – East v West

The Blog observed some key differences between east European and west European ICIS petchem conferences, while sitting quietly in the audience at last week’s ICIS-MRC Russian Polymers Summit in Moscow.   1 East: Loads of very direct questions from the floor, even complaints and personal digs. West: A small number of courteous questions couched in […]

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PHOTOS: ICIS-MRC Russian Polymers Summit

Everyone who is anyone in Russian polymers was there. I don’t know how our working partners at MRC managed to get such a star line-up of speakers, but it certainly pulled in a crowd.   Speakers from Sibur, Lukoil and Nizhnekamskneftekhim (NKNKh) lined up for the first session of the morning at the ICIS-MRC Russian […]

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Russian Polymers Summit in Moscow

The ICIS-MRC Russian Polymers Summit in Moscow yesterday saw 150 delegates, mostly from Russia and the Former Soviet Union (FSU) spending a day listening to some top name speakers from the key players in the region.   It was also blessed by the presence of our own Linda Naylor – famous in Russia, I’m reliably […]

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Spray-on fashion for the ultimate in close fit

A spray-on T-shirt was demonstrated by a Spanish fashion designer in advance of the Science in Style show at Imperial College, London this week, according to an article in the Guardian. The spray consists of short fibres that are mixed into a solvent, allowing it to be sprayed from a can or high-pressure spray gun. The […]

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