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Jenney moves to Dow polypropylene

Antonia Jenney, senior commercial manager, aromatics Europe, at Dow Europe GmbH in Horgen, Switzerland, is moving to the position of Product Director PP and HDPE, Dow Europe/IMEA at Dow Chemical Company – Chemicals & Plastics, I hear from Truong today.   Her aromatics position will be taken by Mr Eide Garcia, formerly Latin America Product […]

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Flaming torches and pitch forks on ICIS news

I love Linda’s Top Story on ICIS news today, which has a great quote from one of her polypropylene contacts: “People are begging me for PP,” said a UK-based trader. “It’s like the end of the film Frankenstein, when the villagers come up to the castle with flaming torches and pitch forks – but all […]

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Xperimania – Andy Brice’s chemical online chat

Andy Brice from ICIS Chemical Business (first on the left in photo) was invited to host an online chat for students from 13 secondary schools around Europe on the role of chemicals in everyday life …   On a cold, wintry morning last month, I arrived in Brussels, Belgium, at Cefic‘s headquarters to experience first […]

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An homage to “Living without Polypropylene”

The Blog is shocked to see that our own ground-breaking article on “Living without polypropylene for a week – Cold Turkey” by Andy Brice in ICIS Chemical Business on 19 May 2008 has been the subject of an “homage” by a reporter on the BBC website and turned into “A Month without Plastic”. As Andy points out, she only goes without buying new plastics, so she still gets to use her phone, her computer, her car and all the accessories of modern life. Still, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery …

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